Searching for Korean War Sapper Veterans

Korean War Monument,_Ottawa
Canadian Korean War Ribbons

27 July will mark the anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice in 1953. The Canadian Military Engineers Association is striving to establish a better awareness of the accomplishments of our Royal Canadian Engineer veterans during the Korean War. We have embarked on a project to identify, by name, each Sapper who deployed to Korea. This project is being led by Col Chip Bowness, MSM, CD (Ret’d).

It is estimated that more than 1300 Sappers deployed to Korea.  The following RCE Units served in Korea:

  • 57th Canadian Independent Field Squadron: May 1951 – May 1952        
  • 23rd Field Squadron: May 1952 – March 1953
  • 59th Independent Field Squadron (Redesignated as 4 Field Squadron – 16 October 1953): March 53 – March 1954
  • 3 Field Squadron: March 1954 – November 1954

The aim of this initiative is to:  

  • improve the Canadian Military Engineer (CME) Family awareness of the Royal Canadian Engineer contributions during the Korean War
  • improve the contact and communications among Korean War veterans and within the CME Family
  • acknowledge the contributions and accomplishments of our Korean War veterans through the publication of a suitable Last Post.
  • Improve awareness of the CF Guide to Benefits, Programs, and Services for Serving and Former Canadian Armed Forces Members and their Families and support programs offered by the Government of South Korea.
  • Seek out and recommend nominations to our Colonel Commandant for CME representation at events and activities sponsored by the Government of Canada and the Government of South Korea.

In Phase 1 of our project, we researched a number of databases and, to-date, have identified over 1300 of our Korean War veterans. The results are published below.  We have also listed the names of these veterans, by unit,  for downloading. The links are at the bottom of the page, Nominal Rolls by Unit to download. 

We are now launching Phase 2 of our project where Chip Bowness will be reaching out in our search for RCE Korean War veterans. If you are a Korean War Sapper veteran, please contact us at: . If you know a Korean War veteran, please report his Name, Rank, Unit and time in Korea to Chip Bowness at: Please also notify us of any errors.

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  A        Canadian Korean War Ribbons

Abbott, Hugh
♰ Abbott, Col Albert Joseph
♰ Abbott, Spr Hugh
♰ Abbott, Spr J.J.
Abbott, L/Cpl W.J.
Achorn, Spr>MCpl Joseph Edwin 
Ackerman, Spr John Thomas

Adams, Spr S.R.
♰ Ahenakew, Spr B.G.
Ahenakew, Sgt David
♰ Ahenakew, Spr F.D.
♰ Aitken, Spr Alexander C.
♰ Akhurst, Spr Robert W.
Alexander, David
♰ Alford, Spr L.M.
Allan, Spr Peter M.W.
Allard, Spr G.
Allen, Lt R.I.
Allison, Spr J.A.
Altwasser, Lt A.L.
Amm, George A.
Anderson, Spr E. J.
Anderson, Spr E.C.
Angus, Spr W. G.
Antaya, Spr Theodore J.
♰ Antone, Spr Harold E.
Appleby, WO David
Arcand, Capt>Maj Albert J.
Archer, Spr G.H.
Archibald, Herman
Armstrong, Spr B.L.
♰ Armstrong, Spr Ernest E.
Arsenault, Spr A.J.
Arsenault, Spr J.
Arsenault, A/Sgt L.J.
Arsenault, Spr V.J.
Arseneau, Spr D.
Arseneau, Spr J.D.A.
Artelle, Spr J.
Ashworth, Spr R.W.
♰ Atchison, Spr R.J.
♰ Attle, Cpl Ronald G.
Atwell, CWO Hugh Arnold
Aucoin, Spr W.
Audet, F.
♰ Aulenback, Pte E.P.
♰ Avery, Cpl D.A.
♰ Avery, Spr T.J.
Avison, Spr C.A.
Awalt, Spr William Joseph

  B        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

Babineau, Pte W.
♰ Badgley, Edward
Bailey, Spr J.
Baker, Spr C.R.
Bala, Clarence
♰ Balch, Spr Ira C.
Balch, Spr V.A.
♰ Balcom, Spr J.D.
Balcom, Spr Robert H.
♰ Balfour, Lt P. Ron
Ball, Capt>Maj Harold William
Ballantyne, Lt>LCol Ian Richardson
Ballard, Col Joe N.
♰ Banfield, Spr H.
♰ Banks, Spr William L.
Bannister, Spr F.
Bannister, Spr R.W.
Bardon, C.J.
Barker, Spr G.F.
♰ Barnaby, Spr J.
Barnes, Cpl J.N.
♰ Barnhart, Cpl>WO Joseph C.
♰ Barras, Spr>MCpl J.W.
♰ Barras, MCpl John W.
♰ Barron, Spr Richard J.
Bartlett, Spr D.C.
Basistiuk, Pte M.
Bastien, Spr E.J.
♰ Bastien, Spr Michael A.
Beacom, Spr W.E.
♰ Beaton, Spr Finaly M.
Beaton, Spr J.A.
Beattie, Spr H.J.
Beauchamp, A/Cpl J.G.V
Beaudry, Kenneth Joseph
Beaugrand, Spr N.R.
♰ Beaulieu, Spr L.M.
♰ Beaulieu, Spr Maurice
♰ Beaver, Spr R.I.
♰ Bedard, Spr F.A.J.
♰ Begg, Spr J.
♰ Beggs, Spr James Thomas Edward
Behie, Spr W.C.
♰ Belair, Spr Wilfrid A.
Beland, Spr M.L.
Belhumeur, L/Cpl J.E.
♰ Bell, Cpl Curtis
Bell, CWO Howie E.
Bell, Spr J.D.
Bell, Thomas
♰ Belliveau, Spr Gerald
♰ Benjamin, Spr S.B.
Bennet, Spr>CWO C.C.T
Berezowski, MWO Edward
Berg, WO Kenneth
Bernard, Capt A.J.
Berry, Spr G.W.
♰ Bertand, Spr L.
♰ Bertrand, Spr M. Lionel Adelard
♰ Besette, Frank J.
Betts, Spr H.S.
Bexson, Spr F.B.
Billings, A/Cpl>Cpl Charles W.H.J.
Billodeau, Spr R.
♰ Bingley, Spr Reginald F.
♰ Bird, Spr L.A.
Birnie, Cpl R.J.
Bjerke, Spr>MWO Oral H.
Black, L/Cpl K.R.
Black, Spr R.M.
Black, Maj>Col Reay Melborne
♰ Blackburn, Spr Donald D.
Blackman, Pte A.E.
♰ Blackmore, A/Cpl R.G.
♰ Blacquiere, Leo F.
♰ Blake, Maj Stewart
Blondeau, L/Cpl E.G.
♰ Boissonneault, Spr P.E.
♰ Bone, Spr Jim T.
Bonk, Spr W.J.
♰ Bonneville, Spr P.G.
Bornais, Pte C.E.
Bosse, Spr M.L.
Botham, Spr N.C.
Botting, Cpl W.E.
Boucher, Spr L.
Boucher, MCpl Leo J.
Boucher, Spr T.A.
Boudreau, Spr S.
Boudreault, Spr J.J.
Bourassa, Spr J.H.J.
Bourgeois, Spr G.
Bourgette, Spr K.G.
Bourguignon, Pte J.E.M.
Bourne, Spr W.
♰ Bourque, WO Camille
Boutilier, Spr S.N.
Bovard, Spr A.E.
♰ Bovington, Spr R.G.
Boyd, Spr H.O.
♰ Boyer, Sgt Real
♰ Boyer, Spr W.A.
♰ Bradley, Cpl Patrick J.
Bradshaw, L/Cpl F.A.
Bradshaw, Spr
♰ Brass, Spr Wilfred
Braumeerger, Spr J.J.
Breen, Spr W.J.
Brewer, Spr R.E.
Brognan, Spr C.B.
Bronson, Cpl John S.D.
Brooks, Spr J.W.
Brouillettt, Spr M.
♰ Brown, Spr D.
♰ Brown, A/Cpl>Sgt Frederick J.
Brown, Spr H.B.
♰ Brown, Spr J.R.
Brown, Spr M.
Brown, Spr R.
♰ Brown, Sgt Robert G.
Brown, Spr T.H.
Brundage, Charles
♰ Bryce, Spr R.S.
Bucht, Spr A.L.
Buckiey, Spr > CWO E.W.
Buder, Pte J.
♰ Buffham, Spr>Cpl John D.
♰ Bumpus, Cpl Edwin E.
♰ Burant, Spr L.T.
Burke, Spr A.A.
♰ Burke, Lt B.T.
Burke, Spr John Roderick
Burke, Sgt R.J.
♰ Burke, Spr R.N.
Burke, Spr T.J.
Burkett, Spr R.T.
Burks, Spr W.H.
Burleigh, Spr J.F.
♰ Burnett, Robert
Burns, Spr L.L.
Burnstrom, Spr A.F.
♰ Burries, Spr J.L.
♰ Burton, Spr Elmer P.
Burton, Pte R.D.
♰ Burton, Robert R.
Bustard, Spr H.M.
Butcher, Spr A.A.
Butcher, Spr A.A.
♰ Butler, Spr J.
♰ Butler, Spr R.
Butler, Spr R.L.
Byard, Spr J.A.
Byerlay, WO II>Maj Gerry M.
♰ Byrom, Spr D.G.

  C        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                            Top of List ↑

Cameron, Kenneth Leslie
♰ Cade, Spr R.H.
Cairns, L/Cpl H.C.
Callaghan, Lt A.J.
Cameron, Spr A.B.
Cameron, Spr A.R.
Cameron, Spr C.E.
Cameron, Spr D.J.
Cameron, Spr D.R.
Cameron, Maj>Lt-Col Kenneth Leslie
♰ Cameron, Spr W.R.
♰ Campbell, Spr G.J.
♰ Campbell, Spr Jackson
Campbell, Cpl R.J.J.
Cane, Spr W.J.
♰ Canning, A/Cpl L.P.
♰ Carey, Spr Lawrence
♰ Caron, J.B.R.
♰ Carroll, Spr D.K.
♰ Carson, Spr H.L.
♰ Carter, Lt Charles David
Carter, Pte S.J.
♰ Caskenette, Sgt Emile
Castagne, Spr P.
Cattral, Spr A.
♰ Caves, Spr W.A.
Champagne, Spr L.
Chandler, Spr C.W.
Charbonneau, Spr D.J.
Charron, Spr J.J.
♰ Chevrette, Spr J.A.M.
Chiasson, Spr G.
♰ Chisholm, Spr I.W.
Chisholm, Lt-Col Kenneth John
Chisholm, Spr M.
♰ Chisholm, Lt Peter
Christie, Spr C.J.
Clanceey, Spr S.L
♰ Clark, Spr L.D.
Clarke, Spr R.
♰ Clarvin, Cpl Maurice
♰ Cleary, Spr A.
♰ Cleveland, T/Sgt J.H.C.
Coakley, Spr C.E.
Cochrane, Sgt Irwin Lorne
Cochrane, WO II W.B.
Coiter, Spr E.H.
Colburn, Spr Kenneth Norman
♰ Collen, Spr Irvine
♰ Collins, Murray
Collins, Sgt Thomas Albert
♰ Collins, MCpl Thomas J.
Colpitts, Spr E.O.
Colyer, Capt H.E.
Comeau, Spr J.D.R.
Comrie, Spr J.A.
♰ Connaty, Spr Donald L.
♰ Connelly, Brig A.B.
Cook, Spr A.R.
Cook, L/Cpl W.S.
♰ Cook, Spr William V.
Cooke, Lt Norman Edward
Cooledge, Spr Gordon E.
Cooper, Spr D.C.
Cooper, Spr D.G.
Cooper, Spr P.R.
Corbett, Cpl W.E.
Cormier, Spr G.
Cornell, Spr J.A.
Corrigan, Spr R.R
Cota, Spr B.F.
Cote, Spr A.J.
Cote, Spr R.J.
Cotters, Spr H.A.
Coulter, Spr W.
Cousins, L/Cpl E.B.
Coutts, Cpl H.M.
♰ Coutu, Spr Guy H.
Cox, Pte D.H.
Crearie, Spr Richard M.
Creighton, Spr F.L.
Crissier, Spr P.E.
Cromwell, Cpl Donald F.
♰ Crooks, Spr W.R.
Cross, Pte S.A.
Croucher, Sgt Gordon L.
Crouse, Lt>Col Robert I.
Crouse, Col V.T.
Crowley, Spr V.T.
Cruickshanks, Spr A.M.
Cruickshanks, Spr D.W.
Cummingham, Spr G.
Cummings, Spr K.R.
Currie, Spr D.N.
Curris, Spr C.C.A.B

  D        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                                Top of List ↑

Dacis, L/Cpl G.M
Damiano, Spr L.J.
Davies, Spr A.H.
Davies, Spr G.R.
Davis, Spr F.A.
♰ Davis, Spr Henry Glenwood
Dawson, WO Robert
Deak, Spr D.N.
Dean, Spr D.M.
♰ Dean, Harry Raymond
Dean, Spr T.R.
Debeau, Spr L.A.
DeCoste, Cpl>Maj Ralph
Defoy, Spr A.A.
Degerress, Spr D.R.H.
♰ Deguerre, Spr Donald T.
Delaney, Pte Arthur S.
Deleeuw, Spr H.J.
Denars, Spr D.D.
Denis, Raymond
Desjarlais, Spr W.
Deslaurier, Joseph
Deslauriers, Spr Jean
Devereaux, Denis R.
♰ Dickson, Spr Robert Lane
Dimmer, Spr T.G.
Dion, Spr H.D.
Dixon, Spr W.E.
Dockendorff, Alden
Dockendorff, Carman J.
Doddridge, Capt R.R.
Dodge, Spr G.B.
Dodier, Spr R.
Dodsworth, Spr L.E.
Dolson, Spr R.S.
Donnelly, Spr R.E.G.
Doonanco, Spr P.
Doucet, Donat J. Jr.
Douthwright, Spr Kenneth P.
♰ Dowdell, Spr Thomas M.
Dray, L/Cpl D.P.
♰ Driscoll, Spr>WO Douglas E.
Drover, Spr J.M.
Duane, Spr E.P.
Dube, Albert C.
Dubuc, Spr A.J.
♰ Ducasse, Spr Giles
Duffney, Spr R.D.
♰ Duffy, MWO Robert L.
Dufoe, Spr F.O.
Dufour, Spr E.G.
Duke, Spr WIlliam F. Jr.
Duncan, Cpl J.G.
Dunlap, Ernie
Dunne, Spr T.P.
Dunphy, John D.
♰ Dunphy, Sgt John Finlay
Dureen, Cpl J.E.
Dussault, Spr F.G.
♰ Dyment, Spr Harold S.
Dzan, Spr R.H.

  E        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                                 Top of List ↑

♰ Eadie, Capt Donald
♰ Easson, Douglas G.
Eastwick, Spr C.T.
Eaton, Cpl N.A.
Ebsary, Spr C.F.
Egeltion Eglen, Spr S.A.
Eisener, Spr Cecil Herbert
Elliott, CWO Bob
Emmett, Spr A.A.
Estabrooks, T/Cpl T.H.
Estey, Spr W.T.
♰ Evans, Alfred W.
Evans, T/Sgt L.M.
Evans, Spr N.E.
Eveland, Spr N.H.
Evenson, Spr J.M.
Everett, Spr>Cpl F.D.

  F        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                                Top of List ↑

 Farquhar, Spr D.M.
 Faulkner,  Curtis
 Faulkner, Spr I.  
 Fear, Maj Cyril J.
♰ Femia, Alphonso "Lucky" 
 ♰ Fenn, LCpl Norman E. 
Ferguson, Spr D.J.
 Ferguson, Spr M.R.
 Ferguson, Spr W.A.  
 Flamand, Spr E.J.
Flemming, Michael
♰ Foote,  Lionel
 Forbes, Spr J.C.
 Forbes, Cpl S.C.
♰ Forth, Col J.G.

♰ Foss, Spr Davis, N
♰ Fougere, T/Sgt D.J.O.
 Fournier, Spr L.A.J.
 ♰ Francis, LCol Dudley Cyril Harry
 Frank, Pte L.V.
 ♰ Frank,  Siegfried
 Fraser, Spr A.R.
 ♰ Fraser, Pte James A.  
 Freeborn, Lt Norman
 Freeman, Spr W.A.
 Freemantle, Pte K.A.
 ♰ Friesen, Spr>Cpl Henry Kenneth  
 ♰ Froese, CWO Jacob 
 Frost, Spr D.E.  
 Furlotte,  A.  

  G        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

♰ Gaffney, T/Sgt T.H.
Gallant, Spr J.B.
Gallant, Spr J.R.
Galway, Maj A.W.
Galway, Maj Edward Thomas
♰ Gannon, MWO Joseph M. A.
Gardiner, Sgt Lorne Percival
Gardner, Spr F.H.W.
Garner, L/Cpl K.J.
Garrison, Spr Michael E.
Gaudet, Spr E.J.
Gaudreau, Spr R.
Gauthier, Spr W.A.
Gautreau, Sgt Joseph Clorice
Gawne, Spr W.
Geddes, Spr D.T.
Germaine, Spr D.C.
Gertridge, Spr R.M.
Gervais, Spr Arthur J.
Gibbs, A/Cpl G.M.
♰ Gibbons, Sgt ERD 
Gilbert, Pte A.G.L.
 Gilchrist,  John R.
Gilduff, Spr T.G.
Gitzgerald, Spr D.A.
Glarvin, Spr M.
Goakery, Spr R.W.
Godbout, Spr R.
Godby, L/Cpl G.H.
Goddard, Spr J.G.
Gonczy, L/Cpl> Spr G.E.F
Gonczy, Spr>Cpl Peter H.
Goodwin, Spr C.E.
Goodwin, Spr C.J.
Goodwin, Spr G.A.
Gordon, Spr B.L.
Gordon, Spr G.J.
Gordon, Spr G.J.
Gosse, Spr Ralph A.
Gosse, Spr S.C.
Gouch, Spr C.J.
Gouk, T/Sgt A.
♰ Goulding, Spr H.
Gourley, Spr C.S.
Goving, Spr S.
Gow, Spr G.M.A.
Graham, Spr D.J.
Gravelle, Spr G.A.
Gravelle, Spr H.J.
Gravelle, Spr J.L.
Green, Spr R.R.
Gregory,  Glen
Greniet, Spr>Cpl J.L.
Griffith, Spr W.A.
Griggs, Spr P.S.
Grills, Spr C.S.
♰ Guertin,  James Anthony
Guertin, Spr R.
♰ Guest,  Henry
Guittard, Spr D.E.
♰ Gurgurewicz, L/Cpl R.M.
Guthro, Spr F.D.
Guthro, Spr K.R.

  H        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

Hagen, J.M.
Hahnen, J.R.
Haines, Edward H.
Hala, C.A.
Haley, H.O.
♰ Hall, C.A.
Hall, I.G.
Hall, J.C.
♰ Hall, John W.
Hamer, J.D.
♰ Hamilton, Ralph Curtis
Hamilton, Wellington R.
♰ Hancock, Noel H.
Hanlon, P.D.J.
Hannaford, C.E.
Hannah, E.L.
Hannan, James P.
Hansen, L.G.
Harasievich, S.
Harding, C.J.
Hare, D.T.
Harper, J.W.
Harper, Lorne
Harriott, A.
♰ Harris, R.E.
Harris, W.C.R.
Harvey, N.G.
Harwood, M.F.
Haseltene, R.F.
Hatcher, N.
Hatt, Jim
Hawick, William Dent
Hayden, W.R.
Hayes, C.
Hayes, Richard U.
Headick, D.R.
♰ Hearn, Charles M.
♰ Hebert, Frederick
Hehn, R.
Height, E.W.
Heisler, C.J.
Helpert, G.L.
♰ Henderson, Norman
Henley, L.B.
Henwood, Melford M.
♰ Heppel, Maurice
Hergenhein, Ronald
Hewitt, D.L.
Hickey, John Albert
Hiebert, Henry Benhart
Higgins, Gilbert E.
♰ Higney, William
Hilger, Henry G.
Hill, J.H.
Hill, W.A.
Himmelman, v.
Hind, J.L.
Hirch, P.P.
Hiscock, Arthur D.
♰ Hodgins, David Charles Wesley
Hoeft, G.R.
Holgate, H.M.
♰ Holloway, Don
Holt, G.B.
Horbay, A.P.
Horton, Judson D.
♰ Hovind, Leonard
Howe, G.T.
Howe, Gerald Thomas
Hrehoriak, Larry
Hudiakoff, N.
Hughes, William
Humphrey, J.M.
Hunt, D.D.
Hunt, N.C.
Hupman, W.G.
Huston, John K.
♰  Hutchings, Leonard, Spr
Hyden, John D.

  I        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

Imlay, Spr George D.
♰ Inkster,  Charles R.
 Isaak, Spr P.C.
♰ Isenor,  Eric R.
 Ivany, Spr R.

  J        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

 Jackson, Sgt G.T.
 Jacques, Spr R.J.
 James, L/Cpl O.G.
 Jansson, Spr V.L.
 Jebb, Spr D.C.
 Jennings, Spr W.J.
 Jenvey, Spr W.
 Jessup, Spr D.E.
 Jocko, Spr J.D.
 Johns, Spr L.J.
 Johnson, Lt A.J.
 Johnson, A/Cpl A.R.
 Johnson, Pte H.R.
Johnson, Lt>LtCol J. Victor
 Johnson, Spr R.L.
 Johnson, Spr S.E.
Johnson, Spr W.I.
 Johnston, Spr A.J.
 Johnston, Spr H.L.
♰ Johnston,  Howard L.
 Johnston, Spr J.R.
Johnston, CWO Marvin C.
 Johnstone, Pte H.O.
Johnson, Pte H.O.
Johnstone, Cpl J.
 Jokela, Spr I.C.
 Jolicoeur, Spr M.
Jolineau,  Lawrence J.
 Jonah, Spr J.G.
 Joncas, Spr D.
 Jones, Spr A.A.
 Jones, Spr D.J.
 Jones, Spr>L/Cpl E.W.
 Jones, Spr F.A.W.
 Jones, Spr F.H.
Jones, Cpl Francis 
 Jones, Spr G.
 ♰ Jones, Spr>MWO Norman Samuel 
 Jones, Spr R.J.
♰ Jones,  Stewart G.
 Jordan, Spr A.M.
♰ Jorgesen,  John H.
 Joyal, Spr H.E.J.
 Judd, Spr R.H.
 Junkins, Spr G.
 Justus, Pte E.T.

  K        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

 Kaufman, Spr W.H.
 Kavanagh, LtCol K.C.
 Keating, Lt John Hugh
 Keats, Spr W.G.
Keen, Lt-Col Ralph Darby
 Keenan, Spr T.R.
 Kenney, Cpl R.O.
♰ Kerton, Spr Charles Christopher
 Kielly, Spr W.J.
 Kilby, Spr J.
Killeleagh, Spr O.
Killingbeck, Spr G.G.
 Kincaide, Spr S.L.
 King, Spr C.J.
 King, Spr D.D.
 King, Spr D.R.
 King, Spr R.D.
 King, Spr R.E.
 Kingsbury, Spr S.C.
 Kingston, Spr A.J.
 Kingston, Spr G.R.
♰ Kinnee, Spr Cline
 Kirby, Spr J.
 Kivinen, Spr H.W.
 Knahs, Spr J.F.
 Kohlsmith, A.
 Kopp, A/Cpl M.
Kuhn, Spr Rienhart

  L        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

 Labarre, A/Cpl A.
 Laberge, Spr F.
 Labossiere, Spr L.M.
 Lacourciere, Spr G.H.
 Lacrosse, Spr I.P.
 Ladouceur, Spr J.A.N.L.R.
♰ Laframboise, Spr Jean Paul
 Laframboise, Spr R.I.
 Lagace, Spr J.L.
 Laing, Pte A.J.
♰ Lajoie, Spr Rolland
 Lake, Spr W.P.
 Lalonde, Spr W.L.
 Lambert, Spr P.
 Lamothe, Spr J.H.F.
 Landriault, Spr W.F.
 Landry, L/Cpl A.J.
 Landry, Spr H.
♰ Lang, Spr William C.
 Lange, Spr>Maj Ray O.
 Langille, Spr J.F.
 Langille, Spr T.M.
Lapierre, Spr O.J.
 Laplante, Spr W.E.
 Lapointe, Spr R.E.
 Laporte, Spr Y.C.
 Larade, Spr S.C.
♰ Laraway, Spr Gerald A.
 Larche, Spr J.R.
 Larente, Spr P.E.
 Lariviere, Spr C.E.
 Larson, Spr W.S.
♰ Laskey, Spr Gordon A.
 Latour, Spr J.J.P.
 Latter, Spr D.L.
 Lauriault, Spr J.P.
 Lauzon, Spr P.E.
 Lavery, A/Cpl W.A.
 Law, Spr R.C.
 Lawlor, Spr F.J.
♰ Lawrence, Pte Donald
 Lawrence, Spr E.J.
 Lawrence, Pte R.R.
♰ Leader,  R.C. 
 Leaman, Spr A.G.
 Leaman, Spr G.E.
 Learning, Spr K.J.
 Learning, Spr W.C.
 LeBlanc, Spr A.
 Leblanc, Spr L.
 Leblanc, Spr L.F.
 LeBlanc, Spr L.I.
♰ Leblanc, Spr Leonard
 Lee, L/Cpl B.E.
 Lee, Spr C.
 Lee, A/Cpl R.G.
♰ Lee, Spr Robert W.
 Legary, Spr P.J.
 Leger, Spr J.R.
♰ Leger,  Raymond J.
 Legere, Spr L.J.
Lelacheur, Spr E.C.
 Lelievre, Spr L.A.
 Lemieux, Spr J.F.R.
♰ Lemon, Spr Keith C.
♰ Levesque, Spr>WO Gerald R.
 Lewis, Spr I.J.
 L'Hirondelle, A/Cpl F.T.
♰ Libby, Spr Adrian
 Libby, Spr B.B.
 Lickock, Spr B.
 Lidstone, Spr M.G.
 Lillie, Spr E.C.
 Lindfors, Spr H.A.
 Lindsay, Spr C.H.
 Lindstrom, Spr L.Y.
 Lines, WO II R.W.
 Linklater, T/Cpl H.
 Linklater, Spr L.G.
Linley, Sgt R.J.
 Lirette, Spr G.R.
 Little, Spr F.J.
 Littler, Spr R.F.
 Lloyd, Spr C.A.
♰ Lochead, Spr John D.
 Locke, Spr J.S.
 Lockwood, Spr J.J.
 Loftus, Spr F.D.
 Lomas, A/Cpl G.G.
 Long, Spr H.E.
♰ Lorette, Spr Alfred J.
 Lorette, Spr V.J.
♰ Lorimer, Spr W.O
Lortie, Cpl Fred
Loughridge, Spr D.K.
 Loveridge, Capt A.A.
 Lucas, Spr J.H

  M        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List

♰ MacAlpine, Spr>Cpl Alfred E.
 MacAulay, L/Cpl J.C.
MacAulay, Sgt John
 MacAuley, Spr W.H.
MacBride, CWO Leslie
 MacDachern, Spr B.D.
MacDiarmid, Lt-Col Robert Albert 
 MacDonald, Lt A.B.
 MacDonald, Spr A.W.
♰ MacDonald,  Bernard
 MacDonald, Spr C.J.
 MacDonald, Spr D.C.
 MacDonald, Spr D.V.
 MacDonald, Spr L.B.
 MacEachern, Spr G.G.
 McElwain, Spr K.G.
 McGee, Spr S.A.
 McGinn, Spr G.S.
 McGuire, Spr V.A.
♰ MacGillivray, A/Cpl>Cpl Angus G.
 Machin, Spr R.D.
 MacIntyre, Spr V.H.
♰ Mackenzie, Sgt David J.
 Mackenzie, Spr J.I.
 MacKinnon, Spr H.D.
 MacLean, Spr A.J.
 MacLean, Spr J.A.
 MacLean, Spr R.J.
 MacLeod, Spr J.A.
MacLeod,  John Angus
♰ MacMillan, Spr D.A.
 MacNiven, Cpl D.H.
♰ MacPhee, Spr F.G.
♰ MacPhee, Cpl>Sgt Henry B.
 MacPherson, Spr G.C.
♰ Mahaney, T/Sgt>Sgt Francis Edward
 Mair, T/Cpl S.C.
♰ Major, Pte George
Malinsky,  Edward
 Malley, Spr J.G.
 Maloney, Spr J.B.
♰ Mannett, Spr Clyde E.
 Manning, Spr S.W.
 March, Spr F.M.
 Marlow, Spr J.J.
 Marsh, Spr L.J.A.
♰ Martel, Spr>Cpl Joseph C.
 Martens, Spr J.G.
 Martin, Spr A.
 Martin, Spr J.F.
 Martin, Spr J.G.
 Martin, Spr S.D.C.
♰ Masiowski, Spr Carl J.
♰ Maskell, LtCol Frederick G.B.
 Mason, Spr K.J.
 Massie, Spr G.
 Mastine, Spr G.N.
♰ Matthew, Cpl Aubrey W.
♰ Matthews,  Douglas L.
♰ Matthews, Sgt Leo F.
Matyas,  William  Anton
 Mawn, Spr N.H.
 May, L/Cpl P.G.
♰ May, LAC Richard L.
 May, Spr W.
 McAllister, Spr J.C.
 McArthur, Cpl R.W.
♰ McAuley, Spr T.G.
 McAuley, Spr W.E.
 McBain, Spr D.C.
 McCarthy, Spr J.R.
 McChristie, Spr A.
 McClellan, Lt D.G.
 McClure, Spr A.W.
 McCombe, Spr F.E.
♰ McCormick, Pte Archibald M.
 McCormick, Spr D.H.
 McCormick, Spr D.H.
 McCormick, A/Sgt F.K.
 McCreary, A/Cpl H.J.
 McCreary, Spr H.J.
 McDonald, Spr G.
♰ McDonald, Spr George J.
♰ McDonald, Spr Gerald

 McDonald, Spr L.J.
 McDonald, Spr R.J.
 McElwain, Spr K.G.
 McGee, Spr S.A.
 McGinn, Spr G.S.
 McGuire, Spr V.A.
 McInnis, Spr A.
 McInnis, Spr B.P.
 McIntyre, Spr F.A.
McLeod, MWO Robert
 McNeil, Spr J.
♰ McPherson, Angus Alexander
 McRae, D.D.
 McRae, H.R.
 McReary, Herbert John
 McSavaney, J.M.
 Meadus, G.
 Meehan, J.
 Meeks, Spr G.K.
 Melanson, Spr B.J.
 Melanson, Spr J.A.P.
 Mercier, Spr J.E.
 Merln, Spr G.G.
 Merriam, Spr N.F.
 Merrison, A/Cpl F.D.
 Mesh, L/Cpl C.J.
♰ Meyer, Spr Donald
 Michaud, Spr J.M.
 Milks, Spr J.G.
 Millaire, Spr R.J.P.
 Miller, Spr C.A.
 Miller, Spr L.
 Miller, Spr R.E.
 Miller, Spr R.G.
 Miller, Spr R.L.
 Miller, Spr R.R.
 Miller, Spr W.F.
 Milson, Spr W.M.
 Misener, Cpl J.E.
 Missett, T/Cpl H.I.
 Mitchell, Capt Frederick Oliver
 Mitchell, Spr J.
 Mitchell, Spr L.P.
Mitges, CWO John
 Moffat, Spr C.T.
♰ Moffat, WO Earl J.
 Moffatt, Spr C.W.
 Moffatt, Spl G.E.
 Mogg, Spr G.W.
 Mogridge, Spr P.G.
 Mombourquette, Spr J.J.
♰ Moncrief,  John
 Monette, Spr R.J.
 Monkman, Spr P.
Monson, CWO Glen M.
 Montgomery, Spr R.
♰ Montgomery, Spr Robert C.
 Moore, Spr G.
 Moore, Spr W.P.
 Morine, Spr R.D.
Morley, Spr Wilfred Tremaine 
♰ Morris, L/Cpl Frederick
♰ Morrison, L/Cpl I.G.
Morrison, Lt>Maj John Alexander Aylmer
Morrissey,  Francis Joseph
 Mosby, Cpl R.B.O.
Mosby, Sgt Reinerth 
 Mountain, Spr F.J.
 Mugridge, Spr P.G.
♰ Muir, Spr William
 Mullins, Spr C.A.
 Mullins, Spr H.R.
 Murdoch, Spr C.W.
 Murphy, Spr B.A.
♰ Murphy,  Roy Stewart
 Murphy, Spr T.J.
Murphy, Sgt Thomas Harold
 Murray, Spr S.E.
Murray, Spr W.L.
 Murrphy, Spr J.P.
 Myers, Spr A.F.
 Myra, Spr H.C.

  N        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

Nauss, Spr A.R.
♰ Nelson, Spr Glen A.
♰ Ness,  B.R.
 Neville, Spr C.W.
♰ Neville,  Patrick R.
 Nevins, Spr G.
 Newbury, T/Cpl D.W.
 Newby, Spr A.K.
 Nicholas, Cpl W.H.
 Nichols, Sgt H.C.
♰ Nickerson,  Claremont S.
 Noel, Spr R.E.R.
 Norris, Spr M.J.
 North, A/Cpl F.W.
♰ Norton, Sgt John Henry
 Norwood, Spr R.G.
 Nott, Spr G.V.

  O        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

O’Donnell, Spr John Boyle
 O'Brady, Spr P.W.
 O'Brien, Spr D.T.
 O'Brien, Spr G.
 O'Brien, Spr J.J.
 O'Brien, Spr J.J.
 O'Coffey, Spr E.B.
 O'Connell, Pte C.J.
 O'Dea, Spr R.J.
 O'Dell, Spr N.H.
 O'Grady, Spr H.G.
♰ O'Keefe, Spr Thomas H.
 O'Reilly, Spr R.W.
 Ormiston, Spr R.J.
Orr, Cpl Ray B.
 Ortiz, Spr G.A.
♰ Osborn,  Major William Ward, DFC
 Osborne, Spr J.
 Ostrowski, Spr J.
 Overton, Spr E.R.

  P        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

 Palloway, Spr A.F.
 Paradis, Spr R.
Parent, Maj Bob 
 Parent, Spr J.O.L.
 Parent, Lt R.
 Parisien, Spr D.B.
Park, Spr Stanley Bennett
 Parker, Spr D.R.
 Parkin, Spr N.W.
 Parsons, Spr G.
 Paschal, Spr W.J.
 Pascher, Spr G.
 Patenaude, Spr M.
 Patrie, Spr R.
 Paul, Spr L.F.
♰ Paulduddy, Col Angus C.
 Paulin, Spr G.R.
 Paulson, A/Cpl B.H.
♰ Pearle,  Rene
♰ Pearson, Cpl Donald Henry
 Pearson, Spr G.R.
 Pelletier, Spr J.R.
♰ Pelosse, Spr J.R.V
 Penny, Lt Richard Stanley
 Perley, Spr R.A.
 Perry, Spr A.E.
 Perry, Spr E.G.
 Peterson, Cpl H.A.
 Petrie, Spr I.
Petrin, Spr M.E.
 Phelps, Pte R.F.
 Philibert, Spr L.
 Pho, Spr F.
♰ Pike, Spr John
 Pinchbeck, Spr D.J.
 Pinksen, Spr A.J.
 Pitre, Cpl J.
 Plamondon, Spr F.H.
 Plante, Spr E.
 Poirier, Spr J.A.
 Poole, L/Cpl J.S.
 Poole, Pte L.W.
♰ Poratto, Spr Gene
♰ Porter, Spr Murray Daniel
 Pott, Spr A.W.
 Poulin, Spr G.
♰ Powaschuk, Spr James
 Power, Spr B.P.
 Power, Spr J.
 Presseau, Spr J.P.A.G.
 Prestley, Spr J.L.
 Prett, Spr R.L.
 Prieur, Spr L.A.
♰ Prior, Spr George E.
 Prysiazny, Spr E.
Pyett, Sgt Russell L.
♰ Pythian,  Kenneth

  Q        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑


  R        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

 Rabishaw, Spr E.A.
 Rafuse, Spr B.E.
 Rafuse, Spr G.
 Ralph, Spr D.
 Ramage, Spr W.
♰ Rannelli, Spr>L/Cpl John E.
 Rannells, Spr H.J.
♰ Rapley, L/Cpl<Spr Gordon Stanley
 Rawding, Pte R.L.
 Raymond, Spr A.J.
 Recokskie, Spr A.J.
♰ Reddick, Sgt Ernest G.
 Reichstein, Spr A.V.
 Reid, Spr O.C.
♰ Reid, Cpl Royal Hamilton
 Reiswig, Spr C.J.
 Reynolds, Spr J.E.
 Rice, Spr W.A.
 Richard, Spr H.W.
 Richard, Spr J.L.E.
 Richard, Spr P.
 Richards, Spr D.J.
 Ricker, Spr E.F.
 Rideout, Spr G.A.
 Rimmer, Spr W.C.
Ripley, WO James Robert
Rivard,  Joseph Lucien 
 Robarts, Spr W.R.
 Roberts, Spr W.E.
 Roberts, Spr W.L.
Roberts, Sgt William  Lawrence
Robichaud,  Azade
 Robicheau, Spr A.D.
 Robinson, Spr G.M.
♰ Rochester, Maj>Col Donald Harvey
 Rodgers, Spr C.W.
 Rogers, Spr L.
 Rolheiser, Spr E.L.
 Rolland, Spr J.M.
 Rolph, Spr M.C.
 Rosener, Spr L.M.
 Ross, L/Cpl A.W.W.
Ross, Spr>Cpl Lawrence George
 Rourne, L/Cpl F.O.
 Rousseau, Spr L.Y.
 Rovind,  Leonard B.
 Rowe, A/Sgt J.P.
 Roy, Spr D.A.
 Roy, Spr L.P.
 Roy, Spr R.U.
 Rudolph, A/Sgt C.M.
 Rusaw, Spr J.
 Rushton, Spr E.G.
 Russell, Spr W.G.
 Ryan, Spr D.A.
 Ryan, Spr N.R.

  S        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

Sabean, Spr, E.E.
Sabean, Spr, L.G.
Sabiston, Spr, E.E.
Sabourin, Spr, R.J.
♰ Sadoquis, Spr>WO II, George S.
♰ Sampson, Spr, Daniel Clifford
Sampson, Spr, R.E.
Sanford, Spr, G.R.
♰ Saunders, Sgt, Ernest, Sandy
Saunders, Spr, F.H.
Saunders, George
Saunders, Spr, H.E.
♰ Savoie, Spr, Joseph Alfred "Freddy"
Scanlon, Spr, N.H.
Scanlon, Spr, R.
Scarlett, Spr, C.W.
♰ Schamehorn, Cpl, Jack D.
Schikosky, Spr, N.H.
♰ Schmeisser, Spr, George Wilkie
♰ Schmidlin, Maj>Col, Laurence Edward C.
Scholes, A/Sgt, W.F.
Schotka, Spr, J.
Schrader, T/Cpl>Cpl, Herman G.
Scott, T/Cpl, A.C.
♰ Scott, Spr, Alvin M.
Scott, Spr, H.G.
Scott, Spr, S.J.
Scudamore, WO II, W.J.
Seale, Spr, F.C.
Sedore, Spr, W.G.
Semple, Spr, F.C.
Shabatowski, Spr, M.
♰ Shaw, Spr, Burton Franklin
Shaw, Spr, D.W.
Sheldon, L/Cpl, E.E.
Shelley, Spr, L.J.
Shemellovich, L/Cpl, J.
Sheppard, Spr, A.
 ♰Shewchuk, Spr, D.D.
Shred, Spr, J.E.
Sikora, Spr, A.
Simon, Spr, Ed
Simpkin, , Alfred J.
Sims, Pte, Harvey L.
Sitois, Spr, M.A.
Skaling, Capt, Gordon E.
Skinner, Spr, W.A.
Slater, Lt, R.F.
Sloan, Spr, R.
Small, Spr, E.L.C.
Small, Spr, J.F.
Smith, Spr, C.D. Smith, Spr, H.J.
♰ Smith, Spr, Herrick.W.
Smith, Spr, J.
♰ Smith, Spr, Joseph F.
♰ Smith, Spr>Cpl, Kenneth G.
Smith, Sgt, M.P.
Smith, Spr, R.M.
♰ Smith, Sgt, Stephen
♰ Smith, Weldon
Smitth, Spr, S.J.
Snelling, Cpl, C.A.
♰ Snow, Sgt, Charles A.
Snow, Spr, R.J.
Spicer, Spr, C.B.
Squire, Cpl, V.C.L.
St Jacques, Spr, M.J.
♰ Stairs, Spr, A.T.
Starnes, Spr, M.K.
♰ Staton, Spr, George A.
Statton, Spr, L.J.
Steele, Sgt, Wilbert Ross
Steeves, Spr, J.M.
Stephens, Spr, D.P.
Stephens, Spr, N.M.
Steptoe, Spr, F.
♰ Stevens, Spr, Edward E.
Stevens, Pte, N.C.
Stewart, Spr, C.A.
Stewart, Spr, G.M.
Stewart, Spr, W.G.
Stitt, L/Cpl, W.R.
Stoddard, Spr, W.F.
St Onge, Spr, J.E.
♰ Storey, Spr>Sgt, Earl Wesley
Stover, Spr, F.L.
St Peter, Spr, E.C.
Strachan, Cpl, J.
Stratford, Spr, L.G.
♰ Strathy, Spr, G.J.H.
Streck, T/Cpl, J.
Stuart, Spr, M.G.
Stubbert, A/Cpl, C.S.
Sucee, Sgt, E.E.
Sullivan, Spr, R.J.
Summers, Spr, B.M.
Sussel, Spr, W.G.
Sutherland, Spr, J.A.
♰ Sutton, Spr, Howard S.
♰ Sutton, Spr, Thomas Patrick
Sveda, Spr, S.
Sykora, Spr, A.

  T        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

Tabb, Cpl F.A.J.
Tabor, Spr N.P.
♰ Taggart, Maj Charles Irving
Taggert, Spr H.D.
♰ Takacs, Spr Steve John
Tapp, Spr L.A.
Tapp, Spr L.H.
Taylor, Spr C.W.
Taylor, Spr Clifford Keith
Taylor, Spr G.R.
♰ Taylor, Gordon
Taylor, Cpl O.H.
Taylor, Spr O.K.
♰ Tellier, Spr Phillip A.
Thayer, Spr C.E.
♰ Thibodeau, Spr Kenneth A.
Thomas, Spr B.R.
♰ Thompson, WO II Albert E.
Thompson, Spr C.D.
Thompson, L/Cpl E.A.
Thompson, L/Cpl H.B.
Thompson, Spr M.W.
♰ Thompson, Sgt Raymond
Thomson, Spr A.
Thomson, A/Sgt K.O.
Tilley, Maj Hubert Martin
Titus, Spr A.D.
Titus, Spr G.E.
♰ Todd, L/Sgt John William
Tomelin, Sgt Paul James
Toms, Spr R.H.
Tongue, Spr D.J.
Toole, Spr C.W.
Tootoosis, Spr A.A.
Traversy, L/Sgt E.G.
Traversy, Robert Armand
Treavor, Spr E.
Tregarthen, Spr F.W.
Trempe-Dit-Paquette, Spr E.J.
Trottier, Spr L.L.
Trower, Lt>MGen Norman George
Trudeau, Spr R.V
Tuer, Spr F.E.

  U        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

♰ Ulch, Russell F.
♰ Umbach, Spr Cecil B.
♰ Underhill, T/Cpl Carl C.
Unger, Spr A.


 Unger, Spr H.
Upshaw, Hubert Burton 
Uyeyama, L/Cpl K.C.

  V        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

♰ Van Wart, A/WO II>Sgt E.K.
Vandusen, Spr W.C.
Vaniderstine, Spr L.H.
Verreault, Spr V.
Vezina, Spr R.
Vienneau, Spr P.J.
♰ Villiers, Ernest William
Virtanen, Spr O.
Visagle, L/Cpl D.A.
♰ Votour, Vincent

  W        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

Wade, T/Cpl G.M.
Wainman, Spr R.L.
Walker, Spr A.B.
Walker, MCpl Arthur Robert
Walker, Spr B.
Walker, Spr G.A.
Walker, Spr J.E.
Walker, Spr S.E.
Walker, Spr W.H.
♰ Wallace, Spr>MCpl W.J.
♰ Wallen, L/Cpl William L.
♰ Walsh, T/Sgt Cyril W.H.
♰ Walters, Pte Henry
♰ Warner, Lorne
♰ Warnock, Cpl Norman
Warren, Spr D.H.
Wartten, Spr J.J.
Waterman, Spr O.D.
Waterworth, Spr D.
Watson, Spr A.B.
Watson, Spr D.M.
♰ Watson, Spr Leonard Arthur
Watt, Spr J.P.E.
Webber, L/Cpl Robert William Charles
♰ Webster, Cpl Joseph Clarence
Weedmark, Spr E.S.
♰ Weeks, Spr Sherman E.
♰ Weeks, L/Cpl Stuart Clarence Ernest
Weger, Spr L.
Weir, H.W.
Welsh, Spr E.J.
Wencel, MWO Frank
West, Spr E.G.
West, Spr J.A.
Weeks, Sherman E.
West, Spr K.C.
♰ Westwood, WO William J.
Wheeler, Spr J.J.
Wheeler, Cpl W.G.
Wheian, Spr D.E.
White, Spr A.F.
White, Spr D.F.
White, Spr G.J.P
White, S/Sgt R.H.F.
Wiggins, Spr G.R.
Wilfong, Spr C.J.
Wilkinson, Spr R.C.
Willials, Cpl E.H.
Williams, Spr H.J.
Williams, Spr I.C.
Wills, Sgt John
Wilson, Sgt C.C.
Wilson, Spr F.F.
Wilson, Spr J.H.
Wilson, Spr R.W.
♰ Wilson, Spr Robert Harry
Wilson, Spr W.H.A.
Wilt, Spr F.B.
Wilton, Spr C.J.
Winslow, WO II R.D.
Wiseman, Spr R.P.F.
♰ Woods, Sgt John J.
Woods, WO Richard
Wournell, Spr R.W.
Wright, Spr C.G.
♰ Wright, Spr John O'Hara
Wright, Spr R.P.
Wyness, Spr J.K.

  XYZ        Canadian Korean War Ribbons                                                                                             Top of List ↑

♰ Young, Cpl Andrew H.
Young, MWO Doug
Young, Spr Gerald E.
Young, Spr William J.
Yuill, Spr > BGen Doug
Zust, Spr O


Nominal Rolls by Unit