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Early estate planning helps you manage your financial matters and ensure that your wishes for the disposition of your estate are known. Estate planning encompasses a variety of activities including:

  • Leaving a will,
  • Naming beneficiaries in insurance and other policies,
  • Planning and prepaying for your funeral,
  • Using life insurance to cover expenses,
  • Giving gifts before your death,
  • Using your RRSP contributions as you wish,
  • Buying permanent life insurance as an investment,
  • Transferring property to joint ownership,
  • Setting up trust fund(s), and
  • Making arrangements in case of incapacity.

The following are good references to get you started on estate planning:

Canadian National Military Cemetery

If you are considering burial at the Canadian National Military Cemetery in the Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, see: for the information you need.

Last Post Fund

The mission of the Last Post Fund is to ensure every veteran has a dignified funeral and burial, as well as a military gravestone, due to insufficient funds at the time of death.

Cremation Urns

For those wishing to acquire a cremation urn bearing a military crest, Barn and Stable produces such items for the Canadian National Military Cemetery and will produce custom items upon request. Contact them at:

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