This Day in History

This feature will post  a short description of a significant event that happened on this date at some point in our history.  Interested viewers will be able to follow links to an expanded description of the event. 

The SEARCH feature will allow viewers to look up any date and find the corresponding event. You need to type the date in the format 'Month date'. For example, June 9 will return events for any year that occurred on on that day.  Similarly, typing 1884 will find any entry with the year 1884 in the text.

You can also enter words that might be in the text of the entry.  For example, typing bridge will return all entries containing the word 'bridge'.  To narrow your search, you can enter more than one keyword, separating them with commas.  For example, typing bridge, Bailey will return entries about Bailey Bridges. 

Please use the search above to find other Day in History entries.