How Much Can I Save?


These stories from our members show how some of our members have saved hundreds of dollars using our programme with TD Insurance Meloche Monnex . If you have a similar story you would like to share, send it in and we will post it.

$1800: “I actually set mine up under the Professional Engineers association prior to the CMEA getting a group rate. On three vehicles (truck, car, and bike) my premiums went from $4,200 at All-State to $2,400 at TD.”

$1200: “I’m now with TD Meloche Monnex, but still using another bank for my savings account. I’m a Certified Engineer Technician and my insurance used to be $2,800 for two cars fully covered and a house. With TD it went down to $1,600 a year. Now I have three cars fully insured and the house for $2,100.”

Can't wait to get back to TD Meloche Monnex:  “I used to have my motorcycle (2001 Suzuki GS500E) insurance through TD when I was posted in Ontario and New Brunswick. About a year and a half ago I was posted to Manitoba, which has public insurance through MPI (worst motorcycle insurance rates in the country). When I was forced to transfer from TD to MPI my insurance more than tripled, from under $100/month to almost $300/month. MPI charges the bulk of the years insurance over the 6 month main riding season, so it’s really expensive in the summer, but dirt cheap (like $10/month) in the winter. The bike has been in storage since the move. I am looking forward to my next posting somewhere without public insurance so I can get back with TD and blow the cobwebs of the old bike.”

Amazing response to claims: “I do not have my financials at handy reference to note savings. Needless to say, moving from Manitoba where there is public auto insurance back to private in Ontario, TD Meloche made infinite sense.

I also want to note their responsiveness to claims. Both my travel trailer and crew cab were damaged by the Angus tornado in June, approximately $10K in total. The response from TD Meloche was incredible – I had a claim raised within 15 minutes of the aftermath, with an adjustor on site the next morning. While my neighbours were battling with other insurance companies over authorised contractors and quotations, both my truck and trailer repairs were expedited with local shops after a quick quotation/authorization process.

While you hope you never need to use your insurance policy, I can certainly attest to the responsiveness and great customer service I received.”

Over $200: “My wife and I were already with TD Meloche Monnex for our home and auto insurance. When I called and got the quote, we still ended up saving somewhere around $200-250 per year because of the new rate. Our account wasn’t set up yet with them (I called as soon as the notice went out) but the lady said our rate was equal to what Ontario Superior Court Judges get!”

$2000: “I just wanted to share my experience with the CMEA affiliation for TD Meloche Monnex. I was already with TDMM through McMaster University (a better rate than RMC I believe) for both auto and home insurance. After the new rate, I'm now saving about $300 per year. The gentleman on the phone said that it gives us the same rate as Judges.”

“Well done on the TD Insurance … potentially could save me $2000 per year with vehicles and home. Chimo.”

$3000: "Good morning all, Following NCR Chapter Executive meeting yesterday, I thought I'd check out the TD insurance program. Well, I just switched our coverage over from CAA - three cars with three principal drivers (one 18-year old male), and a large newish house. I now pay $3000 less annually than with CAA. The principal difference was coverage for our son, which was halved from $5000.

I don't wish to sound like an infomercial, but this is a great deal."