CME Reading List - Mapping and Survey

This is a list of publications covering Mapping and Survey:


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Air Survey Review - 4 Canadian Field Survey Company, RCE, and 1 Canadian Field (Air) Survey Company   4 Fd Svy Coy& 1 Cdn Fd (Air) Svy Coy/ WW II Nil
3rd Field (Reproduction) Survey Company, RCE 1939 -1945  1945 3 Fd Svy Coy/ WW II AMICUS 29968223
Defence Geomatics, Then and Now - Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mapping and Charting Establishment  1996 Mapping/ 1946-1996. AMICUS 15996069 ISBN 091908852X
Mapping and Charting Establishment - History, Organization and Technical Functions  c1972 MCE/ 1903-1973 AMICUS 27358300
Memoirs, 1937-1947: Lest We Forget  Dunfield/ 1997 1 Fd Svy Coy/ 1937-1947 AMICUS 18402281
Maps and Surveys  War Office/ 1952 WWII Nil
One Hundred Years of Canadian Military Mapping, 1903-2003: An Illustrated History  Sinclair/ 2011 /1903-2003 ISBN 1926596315,
Reunion 1990   MCE/ WWII Nil
The Directorate of Military Survey  1960 Army Survey Establishment/ Nil