CME Branch Unity

The restoration of the traditional corps within the Canadian Army, among them the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE), creates the opportunity to reconnect with our past and forge an exciting future. The re-birth of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) presents similar opportunities to build upon our proud heritage. As we honour and celebrate our historic roots, it is important that we continue to protect and strengthen the bonds that have been developed over the past 45 years within the Canadian Military Engineers (CME).

The CME consists of all Regular and Reserve Force personnel of the Military Engineer Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The CME's many trades, classifications and units are filled by cither personnel from the Canadian Army (RCE) or the Royal Canadian Air Force (Construction Engineers), and the broader CME Family includes former members, civilians serving within the military engineer community, and CME Association members, as well as affiliated cadet corps and their Cadet Instructor Cadre officers.

It is important to remember that our collective strength and indeed our operational effectiveness are derived from our ability to work together seamlessly and with one voice. To that end, it has come to our attention that some confusion may exist over what the recent changes really mean. To be clear, the continued existence, unity and strength of the Branch have always been paramount. The resurrection of both the RCE and RCAF Construction Engineers was in no way intended to undermine the strength of the CME Branch, but simply to re-brand its constituent components in line with the customs and traditions of both the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

In this regard, we seek the support of CME leadership — both in the RCE and the RCAF — in reinforcing the fact that the strength of the CME transcends individual services, and in ensuring that approved Branch customs and protocol continue to be observed. Specifically, we would be grateful if it could be stressed that the Colonel Commandant should continue to be referred to as the Colonel Commandant of the CME, that the Branch Prayer and March Past be referred to as such and not as those of the RCE, and that the Branch Birthday continue to be observed as a celebration of our collective accomplishments, unity and strength. The CME Red Book is an excellent reference and should be consulted to ensure that the appropriate protocol is followed at all CME functions and events.

The CME has matured considerably over the past 45 years and has earned a well-deserved reputation in operations, both at home and abroad, that could not have been achieved without a pan-service approach to the multitude of engineering challenges that we have faced. We have now entered an exciting new era where the celebration of our history and roots, through the restoration of the Royal Canadian Engineers and the Royal Canadian Air Force, is not a threat to the CME, but an opportunity that can serve to further strengthen our collective identity and unity as a Branch. Again, your support as the current and future leaders of the CME is essential in ensuring that this is widely understood.


C.T. Whitecross
  P.F. Wynnyk
Senior RCE