History of the Canadian Military Engineers

CME History Book Cover

There are three volumes have been published and a fourth is soon going into print.

The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers by Colonel A.J. Kerry, OBE, CD and Major W. A. McDill, CD

  • Volume I – 1749-1939
  • Volume II – 1936-1946 (also available in digital format)

The History of the Canadian Military Engineers by LCol K.J. Holmes, CD and J.R. Newell ndc (Editor)

  • Volume III – 1947-1971

These hardcover books tell the story of military engineering in Canada; the early days before the creation of Canada; the struggles during World War I and II and Korea; and the evolution to a military engineering branch serving all of the Canadian Forces.

They represent a valuable asset to the libraries of everyone interested in military history and engineering in particular. This is your opportunity to acquire these excellent records of our heritage for your library.


These books cover a wide range of activities by military engineers in the building of our great country, including the building of the Caribou Trail; the operation of the Northwest Highway System, the building of the Naval Dockyards on both the East and West Coasts; The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan; the construction of northern airfields; and the assistance in the time of civil disaster in Canada.

Volume III also deals with the Civil Engineers of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Construction Engineers of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The series is a testament to the tireless, and often unrecognized, efforts of military engineers in Canada. They are profusely illustrated with pictures, sketches, fold-outs and multicolor maps.

These books would make a suitable presentation to your local library, for presentation to worthy associates, guest speakers or other individuals and associations with an interest in military engineering activities.

The proceeds from the sale of these books will be used to further the interests of Military engineering including the publication of future volumes of history.

Price List

The Military Engineering Institute of Canada (MEIC) sells these books to the public at the retail prices shown below. By special arrangement with the Canadian Military Engineers Association (CMEA), the MEIC offers the books to active members of the CMEA at discounted prices. These books make excellent presentations to retiring members and are also a reliable source of information for speeches and events.

  Discounted Member Price Retail Price
Volume I $45 $80
Volume II $45 $80
Volume II CD $25 $35
Volume III $45 $80

All three volumes can be purchased as a set for $125 for Members, or for $220 for Non-Members.

Prices include all shipping and handling charges within Canada. Delivery within Canada usually takes one week or less after payment has been received.

CME units and associations may qualify for reduced rates for consignment sales through their kit shops.

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