Contact List - Directors and Advisors

The CMEA Management Structure comprises a number of individuals charged with ensuring the objectives of the Association are met.

Here is a list of members participating in this effort. You can email them directly by clicking on the position title in the left column. The right column will take you to a biography of each person.

Board of Directors  
  President Louis Myre
  Senior Vice-President Vacant
  Secretary LCol Jean-Marc Fugulin
  Treasurer Maj Marc Antoine R. Parent
  Executive Director David Burke
  Registrar John MacPherson
Advisors to the Board of Directors  
  VP Corporate Relations Dave Carney
  VP History & Heritage Ken Holmes
  VP Communications Don Chipman
  VP Chapter Liaison John Lesperance
  VP Veteran Support Vacant
  VP Honours & Awards Vacant
  Colonel Commandant MGen Daniel Benjamin, CMM, CD (Ret’d)
  Branch Adjutant Major Ian Creighton, CD
  Branch CWO CWO Darrel Jones, CD
  Past President Richard Dickson
  CME Museum Curator Sandra Johnson-Penney
  CE Trades Representative MWO Chris Garrett, CD
  Geomatics Representative Vacant
  Fire Services Representative Vacant
  Reserve Unit Representative WO Mitchell Niles, CD


23 Sep 22