Directors and Advisors

The CMEA Management Structure comprises a number of individuals charged with ensuring the objectives of the Association are met.

The following members participate in this effort:

Board of Directors  
  President Richard Dickson
  Senior Vice-President Louis Myre
  Secretary LCol Renald Nelson
  Treasurer Jonalyn Gamboa
  Executive Director David Burke
  Registrar John MacPherson
Advisors to the Board of Directors  
  VP Corporate Affairs Dave Carney
  VP Heritage & History Ken Holmes
  VP Communications Don Chipman
  VP Chapter Liaison John Lesperance
  VP Veteran Support Vacant
  VP Honours & Awards Vacant
  Colonel Commandant BGen Steve Irwin, CD (Ret'd)
  Branch Adjutant Major Mike Murray , CD
  Branch CWO CWO Glenn Simpkin, CD
  CME Museum Curator Sandra Johnson-Penney
  CE Trades Representative MWO Chris Garrett, CD
  Geomatics Representative WO Terry Warner, CD
  Fire Services Representative CWO Gerard Slaunwhite, CD
  Reserve Unit Representative Christopher LaSalle