Lost Trails

As we move through our careers, we serve with hundreds of fellow engineers, make friends and lose touch. If you want to find someone you served with at some point, or you need information on certain people, we may be able to put you in touch. We have an informal network of people and associations that may be able to help you. We can also point you towards several official archives and databank. We can provide instructions as to how to attain service records from government and other sources.

Other places to look are listed on our organizations listed on our Associated Organizations page.  If you cannot make contact there, our Lost Trails feature might help.

Before starting a search, look through our Retirements and Last Post pages. If you do not find who you are looking for, please use the submission form below to create a new search entry. Please include as many details as you can:

  • Name/rank/nickname of the individual,
  • Year of last contact,
  • Some details of their service career; locations, units, ranks, and
  • Whatever else you think might help.

We will quickly monitor your request and start to search.

please search current posts using names or descriptions
  • CME Offr Locator List 1981 COVER
    Last updated: 18 Jul 2021
    This annual directory was produced by different CME offices in NDHQ over the period 1969-2002. These documents provide an unique record of who-was-...
  • Last updated: 04 Jul 2021
    I am looking for Paul True for a friend of mine. Paul and his wife Carol were post to 1 CER in Chilliwack in the early 80's.
  • Last updated: 06 Aug 2021
    I'm currently researching the work of No. 126 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps during and after WW1. They were posted to Downham Hall in Suffolk...
  • Last updated: 04 Jul 2021
    Joe Pynn (Cbt Engr) retired in Sept 2014after 37+ yrs of svc. Last posting was in CATEU/CTC Gagetown. MWO AP Burrell (2 CER) is looking for...
  • Lost Beaver
    Last updated: 04 Jul 2021
    Hello. My name is Peter Mahrle and I am hoping to contact a former pal for old times sake. John was last know to have retired from the RCE in 1969...
  • Last updated: 04 Jul 2021
    Last contact was in Fort Victoria,Werl ,Germany in 1969 He was posted to 1st Field Squadron, Petawawa Ont. His wife's name was Joanne.
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