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The CMEA is a dynamic association open to all members of the Canadian Military Engineer family.  Since its formation in 2000, it has grown to 2500 members with more than 20 Chapters spread across the country. The Association continues to welcome new members from the rank of Sapper to Lieutenant General. The CME family includes all who currently serve with or support the Canadian Military Engineers, or have done so in the past. These pages present our objectives and accomplishments, our stories and your history, news and events and items of interest.

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  • BCATP Hangars

    Before the outbreak of WW II the British Government had determined that it needed facilities outside the United Kingdom for the training of large numbers of aircrew for the Royal Air Force. Canada, with its large land areas and clear weather conditions was considered to be an ideal location. With the outbreak of WW II in September 1939 the decision was made among the Allies to make Canada the location for much of the British Commonwealth aircrew training.