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  1. The Canadian Military Engineers Association (CMEA) is established to enhance the effectiveness of Canada’s military engineering capability, to encourage effective communication and close association amongst the Canadian Military Engineer Family, to facilitate the well-being of Association members, and to preserve the history and heritage of Canada’s military engineering practitioners.
  2. In order to assist CMEA members and their dependents pursuing post-secondary education, the CMEA Bursary Program was put in place.


  1. This policy states the governance concerning the CMEA Bursary Program.


  1. The program consists of nine individual educational bursaries of $1,500, to be awarded annually, for the year of study starting in September, to nine applicants meeting the criteria shown below.  Applicants may receive bursaries in more than one year of study, however, the annual application must be submitted.  Priority must be given to those applicants who have not previously received a bursary through this program.
  1. The following are the eligibility criteria for the Bursary Program:
  1. the applicant must be a CMEA member or a dependent of a current or deceased CMEA member; and
  2. the applicant must have completed or be in his or her final year of secondary schooling and preparing to attend or be continuing a program at a certified post-secondary educational institution such as an institute of higher learning (University, Trades School, Teachers’ College, Technical College, Nursing School).


  1. Bursary recipients will be chosen on the basis of scholastic and all-around achievement, with consideration for individual’s financial need. Bursaries will not be awarded if, in the opinion of the Bursary Selection Board, applicants do not meet a sufficient standard of achievement. Selection criteria are as follows:
  1. academic achievement;
  2. extracurricular achievement; and
  3. needs.
  1. Applications for the CMEA Bursary Program (See Annex A) must be received by 15 September. Incomplete applications, or those missing any required documents, must not be considered. Applications must be sent to:

    CME Adjutant
    ADM (IE) / COS IE / CME Branch
    Lord Elgin Plaza
    National Defence Headquarters
    101 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, ON  K1A 0K2


    1. Applications will normally be reviewed by the CMEA Bursary Selection Board. The Board will comprise a minimum of six members, three of which will be members of the CMEA National Executive Committee (NEC). The President of the Selection Board will be a member of the NEC and the CME Adjutant and CME CWO will normally be members. It may be necessary to augment the Selection Board with other members chosen by the NEC. CMEA Bursary Selection Board members must not participate in the evaluation process if their dependents are applying. The Board will sit annually during the third week of October. The Board will be chaired by the President of the CMEA Bursary Selection Board, who is responsible for the following:
    1. ensuring the Board has good representation;
    2. ensuring all eligible applicants are considered;
    3. providing Board recommendations on the basis of three groupings: NCMs (Spr to Sgt), WOs (WO to CWO) and Officers. Normally up to two bursaries per grouping will be awarded but changes may be recommended by the Board depending on the numbers, distribution, and quality of the submissions. One bursary will normally be allocated to a Reserve member in each rank grouping;
    4. all applicants receive notification of the final status of their request for consideration prior to the end of October; and
    5. ensuring successful applicants receive a cheque in the amount of $1,500.
    1. The CME Adjutant will be the Board Secretary and will perform the duties:
    1. publishing the annual call for applications no later than 1 May;
    2. recording all incoming applications;
    3. providing administrative support to the Selection Board; and;
    4. publishing the successful selections in the Chimo Communiqué on the CME Branch and CMEA websites.
    1. The Bursary Selection Board must provide recommendations to the NEC on the annual Bursary recipients within one week of convening.


    1. There exists a need to financially assist members of the CMEA at various stages of their careers and lives. The CMEA Bursary Program is established to assist not only CMEA members entering post-secondary educational programs but also their dependents.


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    Updated: 16 Jan 2020