CMEA Dues Payments

Maintaining your CMEA membership helps to perpetuate and foster the traditions, the wellbeing and the esprit de corps of the entire CME Family, while keeping you up to date with the people and activities of the Canadian Military Engineers. The CMEA is the Voice of the Engineers; it honours our traditions and heritage, and is here to assist Engineers and their families in times of need.

If you have any questions about maintaining or renewing your membership application, please address them to the CMEA Registrar here.

Existing members can also pay their dues online. Please login into the site before renewing your dues.

Please do not use a email address.  DND security measures do not allow PayPal payments to complete properly on our system.  Please follow the instructions for  Updating Your Profile to change your email to a non-government address, logout and then login again before making your online payment. Only in this way will our database credit your payment against your current dues owing.

Please be assured the CMEA guards your personal information from malicious attack. No information other than your name, email address and membership status is kept on our website. Your SN number is stored separately to facilitate matching pay allotment payments to your membership. It is not published or stored on the website. You only need to provide your SN if you choose to pay using the pay assignment option.

Dues Payments

Please log in using your email address and password to pay any outstanding invoices online.

Page updated 25 Oct 16