Former RCE and CME Colonels Commandant

This honorary appointment has a normal tenure of three years and is bestowed upon a retired senior officer who has served with distinction. The first Colonel Commandant in the Canadian Army was appointed for the Artillery in January 1925 and in December 1947 each corps of the Canadian Army was permitted to have a Colonel Commandant. Appointees must have held the rank of colonel or higher and, although Colonels Commandant may have held higher rank, they assume the insignia of colonel with pride. The title of Colonel is symbolic, being the highest rank within the historic regimental system and thus the senior position having direct contact with junior ranks. The Military Engineers' first Colonel Commandant was Brigadier J. L. Melville, CBE, MC, ED, CD who was appointed in 1948 when the appointment was referred to as "Honorary Colonel Commandant."

Our current Colonel Commandant is Major General Daniel Benjamin, CMM, CD (Ret’d)

Former Colonels Commandant are: