Meritorious Service Decorations

There are two Meritorious Service Decorations awarded to those who have demonstrated an outstanding level of service or set an exemplary standard of achievement to benefit or honour the Canadian Forces to recognize the performance of a military deed or military activity in an outstandingly professional manner of such a rare, high standard that it brings considerable benefit to or reflects great credit on the Canadian Forces.

  • Meritorious Service Cross (MSC)

    MSCThis decoration was created in 1984 and is intended to recognize individuals-both Canadian and foreign who have carried out meritorious acts bringing benefit and honour to the Canadian Forces.

    Recipients of this decoration are listed in the following table:


      Rank at Time of Award   Recipient's Name   Year   Awarded   
    Maj   Appleton, SB   1994
    Maj   Bradley, CB   1994  
    BGen (Ret’d)   Corbould, KA   2012
    Sgt   Deriger, NSJ   2010  
    CWO   Ford, WA   2004
    Maj   Isabelle, RE   1993  
    Col   Noonan, SP   2007
    WO   Smith, MA   2011
    WO   Spence, DL   2010
    LCol   Voith, MR   2006
    LCol   Woodworth, CJ   2010


  • Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)

    msmThis decoration was created 6 June 1991 to recognize highly professional acts that are of considerable benefit, to the Canadian Forces to members of the Canadian Forces, or of any foreign military allied with Canada. Unlike the MSC, the event being recognized must have taken place in Canada or involved Canadian citizens.

    Recipients of this decoration are listed in the following table:

      Rank at
    of Award
      Recipient's Name   Year   Awarded   
    CWO   Arcand, GR   2008
    Maj   Atherley-Blight, JM   2007  
    Spr   BadanaiI, PM   1995
    Maj   Baker, CA   2007
    Cpl   Beauclair, JRE   2010
    Cpl   Berrea, PJ   2009
    Maj   Blanchette, P   2013
    Col   Bowness, BHC   1999
    Sgt   Bromell, DJ   1996
    Cpl   Brulé, PGJ   2008
    Sgt   Butler, JJR   1995
    WO   Campbell   2012
    WO   Campbell, Y   2011
    Col   Carignan, Maj   2011
    Maj   Carvallo, LC   2011
    Col (Ret'd)   Chadder, RK   2013
    Capt   Chambers, DA   1994
    CWO   Debrie, DA   2013
    Capt   Desjardins, WC   2010
    Capt   Deveau, GL   1995
    MCpl   Devison, JW   1994
    Col   Fitch, ES   1998
    CWO   Fox, DG   2005
    LCol   Froh, RDF   1997
    Maj   Gasparotto, M   2007
    LCol   Gergely, GJJ   2011
    MCpl   Hooper, LT   2007
    Sgt   Jones, PK   1993
    Capt   Lacharite, MR   2010
    Maj   Lacroix, GR   2011
    Col   Lewis, FA   2007
    BGen   Lewis, FA   2012
    LCol   Lewis, SP   2014
    WO   Mansfield, DP   2012
    Col   Misener, M.   2013
    MWO   Montgomery, BWJ   2007
    WO   Pennie, MW   2003
    Maj   Pépin, Y   2011
    Cpl   Pilon, EMD   2010
    MCpl   Quesnelle, J   2011
    Capt   Robb, AP   2007
    Maj   Royer, JRMG   1995
    Cpl   Ryan, JM   2008
    Maj   Sawatzky, CD   2013
    Cpl   Scholten, S   2012
    MCpl   Wight, JC   1994
    MWO   Wolaniuk, TC   2009
    BGen   Wynnyk, PF   2011