Similar Organizations and Associations

The CMEA maintains links with member Chapter and similar organisations sharing our beliefs and values across Canada and around the world. Some of these are listed below.


As a Not-for-Profit Corporation, CMEA membership is based on our regional Chapters as opposed to individuals. Each Chapter has voting power based on the size of its membership as laid out in our By-Laws. Our Regional Chapters aim to further our purposes on a local level.

Please see our section Chapters for details on local events and activities.

The Military Engineering Institute of Canada

The MEIC is a non-share corporation and a registered charitable organization. It succeeds a committee formed by the MEAC in 1970. Its aim is to foster Military Engineering. Activities include:

  • Encouraging the preparation and publication of papers and studying Military Engineering matters;
  • Holding public conferences, seminars and lectures on Military Engineering matters, and publishing results;
  • Providing public information on Military Engineering matters; and
  • Collecting and publishing Canadian Military Engineering historical material.

Similar Organisations in Canada

Similar Allied Organizations

Many of our Allies have organisations similar in goals the the CMEA. Some of thse are listed here: