RSS Feeds Now Available

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11 Jun 2019

This site now provides RSS Feeds to help you stay up to date with CMEA news and events.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a simple, standardized content distribution method that can help you stay up-to-date with your favourite newscasts, blogs, websites, and social media channels. Instead of visiting various sites to find new posts, the RSS feeds on our website will notify you of changes to selected webpages on our site or any other sites you select. 

You can think of an RSS reader like your email inbox. To use our RSS feature you will need to install an RSS reader on your device. When you subscribe to the RSS feed for a website, the RSS reader displays content from that website. Use the RSS reader to view the content, or to go to the website. As you read each piece of new content, the RSS reader marks that content as read.

There are a variety of RSS readers available and many are free.  We will leave it to you to find and select the reader that best meets your needs.  A Google search will help.

The following pages have RSS feeds installed:

  • National News
  • National Events
  • CHIMO! Communiqués
  • CME Family Retirements
  • Last Posts

Click on the RSS icon to add these feeds to your reader.  New articles on any of these pages will usually appear in less than an hour after they are posted.

The RSS icon for each of these pages is located at the bottom left corner just above the page footer.