Sgt Anderson Thomas, CD

    • Sgt Anderson Thomas, CD

    Après 27 ans de services loyaux et dévoués au sein des Forces armées canadiennes et du génie militaire canadien, le Sgt Adjum Anderson C. Thomas prendra sa retraite le 01 novembre 2019. Il y aura un rassemblement à la mess des sergents et adjudants manège militaire de Denison, le 1 novembre 2019 entre 12 h et 20 h, présentations à 1430 h. Les anecdotes ou les souhaits de retraite peuvent être envoyés à l'Adjum Robert Sherret à l'adresse ou par téléphone au 416-633-6200, poste 2830 le 31 octobre 2019 au plus tard.


    Sgt Thomas was born in 1972, He first joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Class A Primary Reserve Combat Engineer in March of 1992. He worked his way through the various qualification levels while serving in the Toronto area, as part of 32 Combat Engineer Regiment (formerly 2 Field Engineer Regiment). Completing his Qualification Level 5 in August 1993, Sgt Thomas was soon afterwards promoted to Corporal in 1994, Master Corporal in 1999 and to his current rank in 2004.

    Sgt Thomas has seen two operational tours, NATO – Former Yugoslavia 1998, and Afghanistan 03-06 serving with 23 Field Squadron of 2 Combat Engineer Regiment. He has served primarily in the Toronto area in a wide variety of positions such as Troop Warrant Officer, Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant (SQMS) and most recently serving as the G4 Transportation 2 rep for 32 Canadian Brigade Group (CBG).

    Sgt Thomas has also seen numerous taskings in his 27 years some of which have taken him to Chilliwack, Gagetown and Alert.

    Anderson and his wife Trudy will be taking a final move to the wonderful island of Grenada, their four children Devonte, Anson, Nadia, Matthew, will be staying in Canada and will most certainly visit often.