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Chimo written in  Inukitut
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Chimo: The engineer greeting or toast is derived from an Inukitut greeting meaning "Friend".

Chimo: la salut du genie ou toast provient de salut traditionnel inuit Inuktitut "ami".

2003 marks the 100th birthday of the Canadian Military Engineers (CME). This CD commemorates our history in our songs, our poetry and our writings and missives. We welcome everyone to join in our centennial celebrations and enjoy our rich oral heritage.

2003 marque le 100e anniversaire du Genie militaire canadien (GMC). Ce CD commémore notre histoire dans nos chants, nos poèmes, nos écrits et missives. Nous souhaitons la bienvenue à tous ceux qui veulent se joindre à nos célébrations du centenaire et apprécier notre riche patrimoine oral.

All the participants directly involved with the making of this recording are former or serving military engineers, or are friends or family members of military engineers. Christine Preece, Jesse Grondines and George Jordan did the readings. Don Corbett provided the harmonies, lead-guitar, and drums on the songs with Bryne McDonnell providing some additional background vocals. Georges Hebert was the recording engineer who graciously added some lead & bass guitar. Gary Silliker contributed the lead vocals and 12-string guitar accompaniment, while his son Shamus Silliker provided background tunes on the shuttle pipes. Mr. Chuck O'Hara of Reel Time Recorders, Halifax, was the re-mastering engineer.

Tous les participants directement impliqués dans la réalisation de cet enregistrement sont des ingénieurs militaires a la retraite ou actifs, des amis et des membres de la famille des ingéneurs militaires. Christine Preece, Jesse Grondines et George Jordan se sont occupés des lectures. Don Corbett a fourni la harmonies, la guitare soliste, les tambours pour les chansons et Bryne McDonnell les voix de fond supplémentaires. Georges Hebert, ingénieur du son, a gracieusement offert la guitare soliste et basse. Gary Silliker s'est occupé des solos de voix et d accompagnement de guitare à 12 cordes tandis que son fils, Shamus Silliker, fournissait la musique de fond avec les flutes. M. Chuck O'Hara de Reel Time Recorders, Halifax, était ingénieur de production.

The Camp Chilliwack bugle calls were remastered from the original vinyl recording done at the CHWK "Voice of the Fraser Valley" radio studio, in Chilliwack, on 23 April 1963. The bugle calls are presented in the order they were played during a normal working day at Camp, and later Canadian Forces Base, Chilliwack BC. The 1969 recording of 'Wings" (by W.J. Newstead), and "Sapper Patrol" (by Major A. Young) by the Royal Canadian Engineer (RCE) Band, under the direction of Captain Leonard Camplin, have also been re-mastered for this project, The various pops', 'scratches' and 'hisses' are evidence that the re-mastered recordings have travelled a long way and received much play over the years. The Canadian Forces Central Band provided "Wings" and the "Canadian Military Engineer Branch Call"

Les clairons du Camp Chilliwack ont été réédites à partir de l'enregistrement original sur vinyl, effectue au studio de radio de CHWK "Voice of the Fraser Valley", Chilliwack, le 23 avril 1963. Le clairons étaient joués dans l'ordre normal d'une journée de travail au Camp et continuent à letre à la base des Forces canadiennes, Chilliwack, C.-B. Les enregistrements de 1969 de "Wings" (par W.J. Newstead), et de "Sapper Patrol" (par le Major A. Young) par la Musique du Royal Canadian Engineer (RCE), sous la direction du capitaine Leonard Camplin, ont aussi été réédités pour ce projet. Les 'bruits', 'grincements' et 'sifflements' sont evidence que les vieux disques de vinyle ont été utilisés au cours des années. La Musique central,des Forces canadiennes a fourni "Wings" et le "Military Engineer Branch Call".

Authors and Composers // Auteurs/Composeurs

Salute to the Engineers: Corporal // Caporal Claude Radley, RCE // GRC

Sappers, The Perfect Corps: Rudyard Kipling

Trip Wires and Gridiron Glory: Chief Warrant Officer // Adjudant Chef David Hartford, CME // GMC

Why the Engineers Do Not Carry Colours: Captain Charles Stone, RAE

Engineer Prayer: Major Hugh Macdonald, CCC

The Sinai Lament, Live, Move and Work, Air Sappers (parodies // des paradies): Captain Gary Silliker, CME

Canadian Engineers, Hurrah for the CRE, 1942, When the Saints go Marching In, Jump Sappers, Old King Cole, The Engineer Song, The Sapper, and Ode to the Engineers: Authors Unknown // Auteurs inconnus

CME 2003 Commemorative CD Download

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