Les mentions élogieuses de l'AGMC

Les mentions élogieuses de l'AGMC sont décernées ar les Chapitres en reconnaissance des contributions exceptionnelles des membres et des amis de la famille du GMC.

  • Captain John Natynczyk
    29 Sep 2016
    Shown in the Photo, CWO Ron Swift, CME Br CWO, LCol Eric Fortin, CO 5 RGC, Capt John Natyncyk, President of the CMEA Quebec area Chapter, BGenSteve Irwin, CME Col Cmdt, MWO Marc Drolet, acting RSM 5 RGC

    Right after his posting to  5e Régiment de Génie de Combat in July 2014, Capt Natynczyk took on the challenge of creating the future CMEA chapter for the area. Starting from scratch, he rallied the members of the Regiment to maximize recruitment for the Association. Of particular note, he developed a constitution that was inclusive of all military engineers in the entire Quebec City region. The new CMEA Chapter, le Chapitre de Québec was the result.

  • Master Corporal Dan Wade, CD
    13 Apr 2016
    MCpl Wade receiving CMEA Commendation from Col Comdt Steve Irwin and Branch CWO Ron Swift

    This commendation hereby acknowledges the extraordinary dedication, initiative, and leadership that MCpl Wade has brought to the CMEA and its membership.

    MCpl Wade was the first to recommend to the CMEA the idea of acknowledging deployed engineers while serving in Kuwait in 2014. Coordinating with both the CMEA in Canada and his home base in Greenwood, OP Sapper Claus was born. It has now become an annual event in the CMEA Calendar, honouring all Engineers serving away from family and home at Christmas.

    As the President of the CMEA Greenwood Chapter, recruitment has increased by over 70%. He has been an enthusiastic and strong supporter of the Association, locally and nationally.

    In 2016, he identified a former sapper in need who had lost his home in a fire. Through MCpl Wade’s leadership, the CMEA to was able to inform its membership and provide timely support. This support effort was further recognised by the RCAF Association.

    The CMEA commends MCpl Wade for his exceptional dedication and continuing support to the Association and its members.


  • Master Warrant Officer / Adjudant-maître Craig Tucker, CD
    16 Feb 2016
    De gauche à droite, le colonel commandant, bgén Steve Irwin (Retraité), l’Adjum Craig Tucker et le Chef – Génie militaire des FAC, Mgén Karl McQuillan – 11 février 2016 - Gagetown


    L'Association du Génie militaire canadien reconnaît l'extraordinaire engagement et le leadership de Craig Tucker pendant son mandat de président du Chapitre de Gagetown de l’AGMC.

    Il a été une inspiration pour des centaines d'ingénieurs qui ont assisté à des formations à l’ÉGMFC. En plantant des semences d'adhésion à l'ensemble de ces ingénieurs, il a également planté des semences dans la création de nouveaux Chapitres de l’AGMC lorsque ses nouvelles recrues sont retournées à leurs unités ou ont été postés dans des nouvelles régions.

    Ses efforts impérissables pour recruter de nouveaux membres ont donné lieu à plus de 150% d’augmentation dans l'Association, dans une très grande partie grâce à ses efforts et l'excellence du service à l’AGMC et à la grande famille des ingénieurs.

    Après avoir servi l'Association pour plus d'une décennie, son soutien passionné au programme de soutien aux ingénieurs dans le besoin pour le Chapitre de Gagetown et au niveau national directement inspirés l'avantage de l'adhésion et le rôle de l’AGMC dans le bénéfice à long terme de tous les ingénieurs, qu'ils soient membres ou non.

    L'Association du Génie militaire canadien félicite Craig Tucker pour son dévouement exceptionnel et son soutien continu aux objectifs et aux ambitions de l’AGMC.

    Voir: Chimo! article - https://cmea-agmc.ca/fr/nouveau-recipiendaire-dune-mention-elogieuse-de-...


  • Captain Jacques Landry, CD
    20 Nov 2012
    Capt Jacques Landry and John Lesperance

    The Canadian Military Engineers Association recognizes Captain Jacques Landry’s outstanding support to the Canadian Military Engineers Association during his assignment as Military Engineering Branch Adjutant from 2002 to this present day.

    In an era that has been marked by a multitude of changes, Captain Landry has been constant in his provision of a high level of sound support from the Office of the Military Engineering Branch Advisor. He has contributed enormously in a liaison capacity and his secretarial and archival skills have often been relied upon to support the work of the CMEA. Particularly noteworthy has been his support to the CMEA Bursary Selection Board whose work has been conducted with utmost efficiency due to his solid and skilled secretarial support.

  • Colonel Charles Keple, CD (Ret’d)
    20 Nov 2012
    CMEA Commendation - Colonel Charles Keple, CD (Ret’d)

    The Canadian Military Engineers Association recognizes the extraordinary commitment and leadership of Charles Keple during the creation of the Association. Charles joined the Military Engineers Association of Canada in 1971 when he was in the office of the Chief Engineer and responsible for many aspects of the newly formed Military Engineering Branch. In addition, he was on the Executive of the National Capital Region Chapter and he was one of two national MEAC Vice Presidents. He remained a contributing member-at-large of the MEAC throughout his subsequent postings including that as DGMEO/CME Branch Advisor 1989-1993.

    After retirement in 1997, Charles was elected MEAC President and, in that year, the CME Branch Council approved the proposal to create a single, all-purpose Canadian Military Engineers Association. Charles then led much of the development and staffing of this proposal and was subsequently elected as inaugural President of the CMEA. He excelled in shepherding the new Association thorough its early years and ensuring the legacy of support to the wider Engineer Family through this new form.

    The Canadian Military Engineers Association commends Charles Keple for his exceptional dedication and continuing support to CMEA aims and ambitions.

  • Major Don Wilson, CD (Ret’d)
    20 Nov 2012
    CMEA Commendation - Major Don Wilson, CD (Ret’d)

    The Canadian Military Engineers Association recognizes Don Wilson’s contributions to the financial management of the Association. Since his retirement in 1993 after 36 years of Regular Force service in the Canadian Military Engineers, Don Wilson has given immensely to the both the Military Engineers Association of Canada and the Canadian Military Engineers Association. At the local level, Don served as the President of the MEAC National Capital Region Chapter 1993-94 and then volunteered as National MEAC Treasurer 1996 -2001. After the formation of the Canadian Military Engineers Association he carried on these responsibilities as National CMEA Treasurer 2001 - 2009.


    As National Treasurer, Don was instrumental in transferring the financial books of the MEAC to a modern electronic financial application that greatly facilitated management, accounting and auditing of the Associations’ books. His familiarity with the operations of the MEAC provided a sound basis for the transition associated with the formation of the CMEA. In addition, his recommendations for alternative financial investment vehicles has improved the Association’s return on it’s investments.


    The Canadian Military Engineers Association commends Don Wilson for his sound and lengthy period of dedication to the Association’s financial management.


  • Vince Clark
    20 Nov 2012
    CMEA Commendation - Major G. Vincent Clark, CD (Ret’d)

    The Canadian Military Engineers Association commends Vince Clark for his exceptional dedication and service towards the preservation of the archives of the Association. Vince Clark saw the need to properly archive and preserve the written records of the Military Engineers Association of Canada. Using this initiative and his extensive familiarity with the organization and its workings, he carefully compiled and arranged these records. Vince Clark’s work extended over many years and has resulted in a cataloguing of almost a century’s records of the operation of the MEAC. The professional standard of archiving achieved allows these records to be readily available and preserved for future reference.

    Vince Clark’s foresight in undertaking this project and his dedication to this project has provided an invaluable contribution to the Canadian Military Engineers Museum in the form of a fond that is highly organized, fully indexed, and catalogued to a great depth.

  • Al Loveridge
    24 Apr 2005

    En reconnaissance du support qu’il a fourni à la Réunion des Sappeurs Retitrés, à l’AGMC – Chapitre Chilliwack, le CFB Chilliwack Historical Society et la communauté de Chilliwack, CB.

  • Bill Stone
    24 Apr 2005
    CME Badge

    En reconnaissance des années de support qu’il a fourni à la Réunion des Sappeurs Retitrés et au comité des Sappeurs Apprentice, et ses contributions à CD2 Association et le CFB Chilliwack Historical Society.

  • Brian Cleaver
    24 Apr 2005

    En reconnaissance des années de support et de la direction qu’il a fourni à la Réunion des Sappeurs Retitrés, et au comité de la Réunion des Sappeurs Retirés, contribuant ainsi à leur succès.