Nouvelles Nationales

  • 17 Apr 2019

    The CMEA is pleased to offer an exclusive worldwide travel discount service to our members through our Member Travel Discount Program with Local Hospitality. Savings average 10-20% below-market on all hotels and car rental suppliers around the world.

    Simply login to...

  • 15 Apr 2019


  • 04 Apr 2019

    Michael Briggs

    Reprinted from Soldier On

    I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1986 and trained as a Combat Engineer, which involved an explosives training phase.

    On 20...

  • 27 Mar 2019

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission Logo

    25 March 2019: To mark the 75th anniversary of some of the most momentous battles in history, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) has recorded the voices of the “greatest generation” to build a unique online sound archive to explains why the Commission’s...

  • 20 Mar 2019

    The Branch Adjutant has informed of the following:

    • LIEUTENANT-COLONEL D.R. HENLEY will be promoted Colonel and appointed Director Air Personnel Management, in Ottawa, replacing Colonel A.T. Spott.
  • 06 Mar 2019

    Outward Bound Veterans' Program fundraising effort.

    After having experienced this wonderful program I made it a goal to fundraise enough for 1 group of 10 veterans. I would be thrilled if you could share this fundraising page to encourage others to support by donations...

  • 20 Feb 2019

    75th Anniversary Logo

    Pour souligner le 75e anniversaire du jour J et de la bataille de Normandie, le gouvernement du Canada planifie des activités au Canada et à l’étranger au mois de juin 2019.

    Une délégation officielle du gouvernement du Canada se rendra à l’étranger du 2 au 9 juin 2019...

  • 20 Feb 2019

    LCol Ralph Gienow (ret'd) presents a cheque to Valerie Moore with her father, CMEA member Maj T.A.P.Moore (Ret'd), standing by.

    The Edmonton Chapter of the CMEA has presented three bursaries; Pictured here from top to bottom:

    • LCol Ralph Gienow (ret'd) presents a cheque to Valerie Moore with her father, CMEA member Maj T.A.P.Moore (Ret'd), standing by.
    • Capt Kevin Elmer from RP Ops...
  • 05 Feb 2019

    Capt Deane Gorsline

    Reprinted from RMC eVeritas 3 Feb 19

    Deane was diagnosed with ALS on 24 December 2018. A 29-year-old Combat Engineer veteran of Afghanistan, Deane has served nearly 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and continues to do so. It comes as a...

  • 01 Feb 2019

    Operation Support Hub Jamaica

    By Captain John Kingswood, Project Officer

    Operation Support Hubs (OSH) are a concept developed to increase Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) agility throughout the world, reducing reaction time, increasing effectiveness, and...