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Nous rencontrons parfois des articles sur les sapeurs ou écrits par des sapeurs qui, selon nous, intéresseront nos membres. Nous accueillons toutes les suggestions ou articles que vous jugez appropriés à cette catégorie. Les articles sont présentés dans la langue de l'auteur.

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  • Operation KEEPSAKE Commemorating Afghanistan by Warrant Officer Ed Storey, from The Canadian Army Journal, Vol. 15.1 2013. WO Ed Storey (Ret'd) served in the CME for 34 years. The article has been extracted from the Journal and is available for download at the end of this post.  WO Storey's article starts on page 73. Download the article at the bottom of this page.
  • 143 Construction Engineering Flight (Lunenburg County) Operations Review. The Five year period from 2002-2007 saw many of the 143 Construction Engineering Flight (143 CEF) personnel deployed into several exotic locations for Operations, Training, and Exercises such as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iceland, the UAE, the USA and of course Canada. The subsequent five years, from 2008-2012, would prove to have an even greater Operational tempo for the Flight. They were kept very busy supporting Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Operations, Training, and Exercises, at various locations within Afghanistan, Canada, Kuwait, Norway, Sweden, UAE, and the USA. This synopsis will look at the Flight’s contributions to National and International Operations and Exercises over those five years. This article relates a number of the stories arising out of that service.
  • First World War Veterans of Guysborough County: The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Bruce MacDonald, a recently retired high school Social Studies teacher in Nova Scotia, has created a blog to share the stories of the war's Guysborough County veterans, while providing background information related to their experiences. Mr. MacDonald plans to publish the stories of the 131 Guysborough County veterans who died while serving with Canadian forces during or shortly after the war in a series of releases, from 2014 to 2018. He welcomes any information that might contribute to this project - biographical facts, pictures, letters or documents. You can contact him by email.
  • Of interest to Sappers might be articles Mr. MacDonald wrote about Sappers from Guysborough County entitled:
  • Izzy Dolls and Isfeld Dogs! Three demining dogs have been named after members of the Isfeld family. the article is reprinted here.
  • Amateur historian seeks ‘Holy Grail’ of Diefenbunker secrets. It’s the untold story of the Diefenbunker. Dave Noble wants to tell it, but he needs help.
  • The man behind the naming of Sininger Place – Garrison Crossing. In memory of Major Si Siniger.
  • Exercise Worthy Sapper - Reserve Training on Cultus Lake, BC. This article is reprinted from Canadian Army News and covers an exercise at Cultus Lake involving BC's two armoured recce regiments supported by rafts and boats from 39 CER in April 2015.
  • More Sappers in Theater. An article by Captain Michelle Whitty about her time and the role of Combat Engineers in Afghanistan.
  • Plus de sapeurs en théâtre. Un article de la capitaine Michelle Whitty sur son temps et le rôle des ingénieurs de combat en Afghanistan.
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