Part 4: Sapper Gallantry in the Scheldt

Oct 02

Between mid-September and 8 November 1944, the First Canadian Army fought to unlock the shipping route to the port of Antwerp and open a vital supply route to support the advance into Germany. Strong defences and the unique geography of the Scheldt Estuary this one of the most difficult battlefields of the Second World War. The Canadians and their allies advanced over a maze of narrow roads, canals, dykes and flooded lowlands. While the ground dictated that the infantry would bear the brunt of the battle, and indeed they did, the ground also dictated that the sappers would be front and centre in every action.

This is the fourth of five parts and tells the story of brave and gallant actions of the officers and men of the Royal Canadian Engineers during the Battle of the Scheldt. Collectively, sapper bravery was recognised with a DSO, eight MCs, a DCM, a DSM and 11 MMs. 


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These tributes were prepared by LCol DOn Chipman (Ret'd) from official histories, war diaries and open sources.