Scholarships and Bursaries Sponsored by CME Family Members

Over the years, many scholarships have been endowed by members of the greater CME family.  Awards include the following:

  • The Daniel Giannini Bursary
  • Rod Keller Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • William P. Lydon Memorial Scholarship
  • Captain Sydney & Thelma Mansbridge Memorial Scholarships
  • Sgt. George R. Miok Memorial Scholarships

A short description of the award and a biography follow. Interested applicants should research applicable scholarships with the named universities.

The Daniel Giannini Bursary

Daniel Giannini was a successful businessman in Hamilton, ON. In 1998, he established a foundation to fund bursaries to assist students enrolled in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University  to provide financial assistance with tuition fees in order to further education in the medical field. A student who receives the award in the first year would be eligible to continue to receive the award for their second and third years of study, providing they maintain a good academic standing. Student must be a graduate from a publicly-funded secondary school in the Hamilton or Burlington area and participate in community activities in the Hamilton or Burlington area.

CME Connection

Dan worked in the mines of Northern Ontario before volunteering for the Royal Canadian Engineers in the Second World War. He served with No 1 Tunnelling Company in Gibraltar, England and Europe, rising to the rank of lieutenant and earning an MiD and an MBE for actions in Italy.   

Rod Keller Memorial Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund in memory of LCol Rod Keller has been established under the auspices of the The Guelph Community Foundation.

CME Connection

Rod Keller served 26 years in the CME His service includes tours in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan. In 2009, he assumed command of Canadian Forces Base Suffield. Rod retired from the Army in 2011 and died unexpectedly in 2016.

William P. Lydon Memorial Scholarship

This award is given to a student who has completed the Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies and is entering the Master of Architecture program at the School of Architecture, Dalhousie University. The recipient must demonstrate goodwill, kindness, generosity and respect for others, qualities that defined Bill's character, be actively involved in community services, and have a higher than average academic standing.

CME Connection

Bill was born in Saint John and studied at St. Thomas and St. Francis Xavier Universities and received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Technical University of Nova Scotia (Dalhousie) in 1967. He was commissioned in the Royal Canadian Engineers and he served five-years in the Canadian Army. After returning to civilian life, completed his Master of Architecture from Harvard in 1977.

Sgt. George R. Miok Memorial Scholarships

Two awards are given annually by the family and friends of Sgt George Miok to the University of Alberta Faculty of Education has been endowed by the family and friends of Sgt George R Miok.

The scholarship is awarded to students with superior academic achievement entering the third or fourth year of study in the Faculty of Education. Selection will be based on academic standing. Preference given to students who are serving or have served in the Canadian Armed Forces, Regular or Reserve.

CME Connection

Sergeant George Miok was killed in Afghanistan on 30 December 2009. He was a Reservist who taught at St. Cecilia's Junior High School in Edmonton. He joined the Army while at high school and served while earning his teaching degree at the University of Alberta. Sgt. Miok had served in Bosnia in 2002 and in Afghanistan for the first time in 2006. Sergeant Miok was on his second tour in Afghanistan and was serving as an Infantry Section Commander with the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team when he was killed.

Captain Sydney & Thelma Mansbridge Memorial Scholarships

The family of Captain and Thelma Mansbridge have endowed The Captain Sydney & Thelma Mansbridge Memorial Scholarships at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo for one male and one female student in the field of engineering.

CME Connection

Capt Mansbridge was a veteran of the Second World War.  We was with the 10th Field Squadron through Italy and Holland.  He remained in the Royal Canadian Engineers after to war, retiring in 1972.


(Published 07 November 2017)

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