Lt Frederick Weight Philpot, 12th Field Company, Military Cross

Military Cross GVIR
Lt Frederick Weight Philpot, MC

Lieutenant Frederick Weight Philpot, MC, BASc, PEng was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. After the war, he has a career with Ontario Hydro. He died at Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital on 12 June 2009 in his 92nd year. 


On 1 November 1944 the advance of "C" Squadron, 27th Lancers was held up by a blown bridge across the Foccato Grande Detto Ghiatia at Map Reference 522265. Number 1 Platoon under command Lieutenant Philpot was in support of this squadron. A bridge was found to be necessary to enable the armoured cars to proceed and although under shell fire in the area, Lieutenant Philpot decided to bridge immediately. With his reconnaissance party he proceeded to the bridge site at 1130 hours and under fire made a reconnaissance of the gap. A 50-foot bridge was required and a 50-foot single Bailey was constructed by 1500 hours, the whole operation being done under heavy mortar fire. By reason of Lieutenant Philpot's decision to bridge immediately, even though under enemy fire, and by his ability in organizing and conducting the operation so efficiently, two Troops [of] 27th Lancers were enabled to advance to contact the enemy. Owing to the speed with which this bridge was built and the ensuing rapid advance of the 27th Lancers the enemy were caught unawares and suffered severe casualties.