Sapper Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

LCol Pierre St-Laurent, CO 34 RGC; Spr Garnet Bourgaize: MWO Mike Golden, RSM 34 RGC
Sapper Garnet Elias Bougaize (Ret'd)
Publication Date 
22 Oct 2019

On 17 October this year, Sapper Garnet Bourgaize, a veteran of the Second World War, turned 100 years old. A celebration attended by friends, relatives and Royal Canadian Engineer representatives was held on Saturday at Branch 108 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Chateauguay, QC.

Garnet served as a combat engineer in the RCE. He arrived in England in 1940 and saw action in Italy and Northwest Europe.  He was badly wounded in France and returned to a Quebec hospital for six months before returning to Europe.  When the war ended, he worked as an engineer for many shipping companies on the St Lawrence River.

Garnet provided an interview to the Memory Project.  You can view the interview through our portal at Sapper Stories - Historica Canada Memory Project.

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