WO Jeremy Shaw, CD

    Warrant Officer Jeremy Shaw will be retiring from the Canadian Forces on 30 May 2012, after completing 17+ years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada.

    WO Shaw enrolled in the Canadian Forces in September 1994 as a Reserve Infantryman, with the 1st Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders. He transferred from the Nova Scotia Highlanders in 1998 to 144 Airfield Engineering Flight, Pictou, Nova Scotia where he completed his QL3 Electrical Distribution Technician course in May 1999. He later went on to complete Silver Flag training at Tyndall AFB, Florida. In September 1999 he competed in the Readiness Challenge competition, also at Tyndall AFB, and again in May 2000. He transferred to the Regular force in November 2000 and was posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta as a QL3 Private working at WCE. In February 2001 he was promoted to Cpl. In April of 2002 he attended a two week Air National Guard (ANG) exchange deployment to Hickam AFB, Hawaii. He completed the QL5 Electrical Distribution Technician Journeyman course in May 2003 and shortly after he completed his first tour to the Golan Heights, from September 2003 to March 2004. In May of 2004 he attended another two week ANG exchange deployment to New Orleans, Louisiana. Promoted to MCpl in March of 2005 and posted to 1 CER Edmonton, Alberta, MCpl Shaw was on his way to Afghanistan as a part of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), Theatre Activation Team from July to August 2005. He completed his PLQ course in March of 2006 followed by his QL6A Electrical Distribution Supervisor course in June of 2006. Promoted to Sergeant in December 2007, he went on his second deployment to Afghanistan (TF 1-08, Roto 5) as the FOB ESU representative for Sper Wan Ghar. In June of 2009 he was posted to 1 ESU and completed his third deployment to Afghanistan (TF 1-10, Roto 9) as a SET Project Manager at the KPRT. He completed his ILQ in March 2009 and was promoted to his current rank in July 2009. WO Shaw recently completed a month long TAV to the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China from February to March 2012.

    WO Shaw has accepted a position with Defence Construction Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is looking forward to settling down with his wife Charlene and kids Tristan and Rebecca.