Sgt Shawn Taylor, CD

    Sgt Shawn Steven Taylor will be retiring on 28 August 2009 after 27 plus years of loyal service to the Canadian Forces. Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Sgt Taylor to join the CF over 30 years ago. He was inspired by his father LCol Robert Taylor (Ret’d) CD1, MMM At which time he enrolled and served with the 49th Reserve Field Regiment.

    In 1981, Sgt Taylor took the plunge and joined the Regular Force with the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). On completion of basic training in Petawawa, Ontario, Sgt Taylor was posted to 1 RCR in London, Ontario. As time passed, humping a rucksack and sleeping in a tent didn't seem so glamorous anymore. It is at this time Shawn realised there was a need for a career change, so in 1986 he applied for occupational transfer (OT) to the Fire Fighter Trade.

    On completion of his Trade Qualification Level (QL) 3 in 1986, Sgt Taylor was posted to CFB Shearwater Fire Hall in Nova Scotia. This is where he fine tuned his skills as a fire fighter until 1989. The follow year Sgt Taylor was posted to the Damage Control School in Esquimalt British Columbia. During this time Sgt Taylor completed his Trade QL 5 in Borden Ontario and also grew his sea legs sailing on HMCS Provider and Annapolis. This is also the time that Shawn met his lovely wife, Nicole.

    1993 Shawn was posted to 8 Wing Trenton Fire Hall, ON. While posted at 8 Wing Trenton, Shawn was a member of the Engineer Team that finished third in the in Readiness Challenge V1 at Tyndall AFB Florida, the best ever by a Canadian team. August 1997.

    Sgt Taylor was posted to 22 Wing North Bay Fire Hall in ON, where he became a "mushroom" working in the underground complex.

    July 2002, Sgt Taylor was posted back to beautiful British Columbia to serve with MARPAC on the Ship's manning List. Once again Sgt Taylor sailed the high seas on the HMCS Regina for a beautiful fall cruise. Shawn was then posted to the HMCS Calgary which deployed to the Persian Gulf.

    September 2004, Sgt Taylor was posted back to 8 Wing Trenton, ON as a member of the JNBCD Company. This posting gave him a taste of his former infantry days. Shawn served in the Decontamination Platoon and later became a training Sgt.

    In July 2006, Shawn was posted to 22 Wing North Bay, ON as Fire Chief. At which time Shawn was the last Fire Chief of the underground complex.

    2007 Shawn was posted to CFB Borden, ON to serve as a CBRN Instructor at the CFFA/CFNBCS. During this time Sgt Taylor has had the fortunate opportunity to work in the best of both worlds as a CBRN Instructor and as a Fire Service Instructor.

    Shawn and his wife Nicole will remain in the Borden area and enjoy retirement days on the shores of Wasaga Beach.

    Depart with Dignity retirement function will be held in his honour on 31 August at 1130 hrs at Juno Beach Mess, CFB Borden. Congratulatory messages, anecdotes or stories may contact PO2 Michel Laporte at CFFA/CFNBCS 270-2368 or