Sgt Peter G. Wallbridge, CD

    • CME Badge

    Sgt Peter G. Wallbridge will be retiring after 23 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces.

    Sgt Wallbridge joined the CF in Ottawa Ontario, 10 May 1985 under the YTEP program. Upon completion of basic training and his QL3 Field Engineer course, he transferred to regular force at CFB Chilliwack and was posted to 1 CER at CFB Chilliwack.

    Sgt Wallbridge was posted to Airfield Damage Repair Sqn at CFB Lahr West Germany, in 1987, where he then re-mustered to Field Engineer Equipment Operator, in March 1990. Subsequent to his training and repatriation to Canada in 1991, he was posted to 5 RGC, at CFB Valcartier where he successfully completed the year long french course. He was then posted to 3 Field Engineer Sqn (Militia) in Ottawa, in 1996. in 1999 he was promoted to Sgt and posted to 2 CER at CFB Petawawa, where he became, 25 Support Sqn Quartermaster from 2001- 2003. Sgt Wallbridge was posted to his present position as Range Control Patrol NCO in 2004.

    He was deployed on Op Harmony in winter 1993-94, Op Cavalier in 1995, OP Assistance in 1997 (Ice Storm 97), Op Palladium in 2001,and OP Palladium in winter 2003-2004 as Heavy Equipment Sect Comd.

    Twenty-three years of military service to the Corps of Engineers has gone by fast for Sgt Wallbridge. He will be completing his career in the CF in the spring of 2008 and retiring to the Wainwright Alberta area. Both he and his fiancé Annette are looking forward to beginning his new life as a civilian.