Sgt Bryan Goustos, CD

    Sgt Bryan Goustos will be retiring on 26 April 2009 after 25+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces.

    Sgt Bryan Goustos volunteered to join the militia with 2 Field Engineer Regiment in Toronto from April 1984 until May 1987. Bryan enrolled in the CF in Toronto on 19 May 1987 and attended basic training, in Cornwallis, shortly thereafter. That August he went to Chilliwack, BC, where he completed his QL3 Field Engineer training.

    Sapper Goustos was posted to CFB Petawawa 05 Jan 88 with 2 Combat Engineer Regiment for the next 8.5 years. During which time he obtained his Field Engineer QL5’s in November 90, was deployed to Cyprus in 89, promoted to Cpl in May 91, qualified as a combat diver and deployed to Kuwait in 92-93 and Bosnia in 94-95. (Op Gilbert ’88, hurricane relief in Jamaica, and Op Hugo ‘89, hurricane relief in Montserrat.)

    In 05 July 1996, Cpl Goustos was posted to Cold Lake, AB with 4 Airfield Engineering Squadron and was deployed to Haiti in 1997 as an EOD Tech. While there he was awarded the CDS Commendation for diving off a ferry that had sunk off the coast with 86 people on board, recovering seven bodies. He was promoted to MCpl in December 1998.

    In 2001, a Cpl once again, Bryan completed his Occupational Transfer to Fire Fighter and became QL3 qualified in November 2001 and was posted to the fire hall in Cold Lake, receiving his journeyman course in November 2002.

    In July 2004, the high seas called to Cpl Goustos and he was posted aboard HMCS Ottawa. In early 2005, he was promoted to MCpl and went over to HMCS Regina. He remained on the West coast until August 2006 when he was posted to CFB Winnipeg as a Platoon Chief.

    In July 2007, newly promoted Sgt Goustos, was posted to the Canadian Forces Fire Academy to shape the young minds of the future. During his time at the Academy, Sgt Goustos demonstrated outstanding ability to provide top quality instruction, producing mission ready fire fighters at various trade levels.

    Sgt Goustos has decided to take a position with the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services as a training officer. Bryan, his wife, Catherine, and his sons, Connor and Aidan, will be remaining in the Angus area for the time being.

    A Depart with Dignity retirement function will be held in his honour on Friday, 24 Apr 09 from 1200 hrs to 1500 hrs at the Juno Beach Mess (Sgt’s and WO’s Mess), Dieppe Lounge, CFB Borden. If you are able to attend or want to send anecdotes please send them to WO Elliott via email (; FAX to (705) 423-2352 or snail mail to: CFFA, Attention: WO Elliott, CFB Borden, PO BOX Stn Main 1000, Borden, ON, L0M 1C0