Sgt Bob Castle (Ret'd)

    • CME Badge

    We regret to advise of the death of Sergeant Bob Castle (Ret'd) on 7 January 2002.

    Bob was originally a member of the Lord Strathcona's Horse but joined the Canadian Military Engineers in Calgary in 1980 when he remustered to Construction Engineering Procedures Technician. Bob spent quite a while in Chilliwack and then went to Halifax where he was promoted to Sergeant. He returned to Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack for a tour with the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME) and also had a six-month assignment at the Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School while in CFB Chilliwack. Bob retired from CFSME in 1995 at the rank of Sergeant.

    Bob was an excellent graphic artist who specialized in cartoons. Instead of course photos, he would often be asked to draw cartoon characters of course personnel as these were more popular. Many of his works made it into military newspapers.{khMar2016}