Patrick Galarneau, CD

    After not finding full time work as a Construction Electrician, Patrick decided to follow the path of his dad and brothers and joined the Canadian Forces on October 27, 1982, as a Field Engineer at Victoria Park Sydney Nova Scotia.  Pat shipped off to CFB Cornwallis on Friday the 13th July, 1984.  Following his basic Training, he was posted to CFB Kingston to commence his QL3.  Upon completion, May 1985, he was posted to The 1st Canadian Signals Regiment until he completed his QL6.

    Fully expecting to go on a tour to Golan Heights in 1988, Pat received a tour cancellation message and received a new message for a 48 month posting stating July 1988 at 4 Field Ambulance, Lahr Germany.  After arriving at Lahr Germany, CWO Maltais said that he was going to be missing his first Fall EX and instead would be attending his Combat Leaders Course, (Pat didn’t have the guts to tell him he’d rather be on the Fall Ex).  Enjoying the great life being overseas with his family Pat finally received the news, after 3 consecutive attempts he received a transfer to an electrical trade.  In early spring of 1991 turning down a promotion, Pat made his way to HMS Esquimalt, Victoria BC to attend his QL3 course.  Finishing 3rd out of 18 on the Marine Electrician QL3 course, Pat was giving his first posting choice and on December 12th 1991 he joined the new CPF Class HMCS Halifax here in Nova Scotia.

    After having served on 3 different classes of ships from Dec 1991 to Dec 2004, the Career Manager told him he was 3rd on the promotion list.  Pat visited the FPSO’s office wanting to become an Electrical Distribution Technician.  After completing 13 years as a Naval Marine Electrical Technician, Pat decided to give it one more try and apply for the trade he had asked for in 1982 at the recruiting center in Sydney.  After being selected, he transferred to the Air Force as Electrical Distribution Technician.  Upon completing his QL3 here at NSIT in the top third August 2005, he was posted to CFB Halifax in the fantastic FCE Branch where he has remained until the present day.

    Patrick spent 28 years 6 months in the CF serving in all 3 elements and also the reserves with honour, and will be retiring on 11 Apr 2011.  He would have stayed longer in the CF, but due to a back injury at the young age of 24, it has now become worse with age.  Sadly he had to hand in his uniform, and yet again try something new.  Always, seeking a challenge, he just finished his first year at the NSCC Waterfront Campus, in the Business Administration, Management program, where he plans in the very near future to hire some electrician(s) and start his own electrical business.