5 RGC Receives CJOC Commendation

5 RGC Troop Members Brigade Sergeant Major CWO Morneau, Sgt Girard, Brigade Chief Geo WO Pouliot, Sgt Beaudet, MCpl Grenier, MCpl Ouellet, Cpl Addy, Cpl Michaud, Cpl Perron, Sgt Huntington and Brigade Commander Col Arsenault. (Missing from the photo: MCpl Renaud now at JTFN Yellowknife and MCpl Reid now at Trinity Halifax).
CJOC Commendation
Publication Date 
04 Feb 2020

From: WO Marc Pouliot, 5 RGC Geomatics Troop Commander

On 15 January 2020, 5 RGC Geomatics Tp received a Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) Unit Commendation for their work during OP CADENCE (G7 Summit in Charlevoix 2018). WO Marc Pouliot stated clearly that credit for the commendation belongs to all members of the troop.  He also thanked all those who support the 5 RGC team in their efforts.

Operation CADENCE was the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) support to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) security effort for the G7 Summit. The summit took place in Quebec’s Charlevoix region from 8 to 9 June 2018.  CJOC tasked 5 RGC Geomatics Troop to be the geomatics lead for the CAF during this operation. Planning for the event started almost a year earlier. The troop was responsible to provide conventional map for soldiers on the ground as well as other security partners (RCMP, SQ and Municipal Police Departments).

With the help of the Mapping & Charting Establishment (MCE) in Ottawa, over 2000 maps were produced and distributed between multiple sites around Quebec City and Charlevoix. During the execution of the event, a small team from 5 RGC Geo Troop (WO Pouliot, MCpl Renaud and MCpl Reid) were attached to the JTFE Forward HQ in Valcartier. Their main role was to provide and maintain a Common Operational Picture (COP) through various classified networks (CSNI and LCSS) in order to keep the Operational and Tactical chain of command abreast of the operation. This innovative way to display operational data permitted to synchronized effort simultaneously between CJOC in Ottawa, JTFE HQ in Montreal, JTFE Forward HQ in Valcartier and multiple remote tactical forward HQ between Quebec City and Charlevoix, with minimal bandwidth.