Fighting the Battle for Canada’s Veterans

econd World War amputee veteran Charles Jefferson and Afghanistan amputee veteran Sgt. (ret’d) Gaétan Bouchard lay a wreath at the National Remembrance Day ceremony on behalf of The War Amps.
War Amps Chairman of the Board Stuart Vallières, a Second World War amputee; Champ Leah Neumann; and Maj. Blaise Lapointe, Afghanistan veteran.
Publication Date 
03 Nov 2019

For over 100 years, The War Amps have supported Canada's wounded soldiers. Starting in 1918, Lieutenant Colonel Sidney Lambert, The War Amps first President, himself an amputee after losing a leg during the First World War helped lay the groundwork for this new national association. His goal was to bind together First World War amputees returning home to an uncertain future, and advocate for both them and other seriously disabled veterans. He instilled the belief that, with courage and determination, amputees can succeed in life.

To help commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the association, FrontLine Defence published an article outlining the history and accomplishments of the association.  In keeping with Lt-Col Lambert's initial philosophy of “amputees helping amputees”, two veterans of the Afghanistan war are featured in the article, both members of the RCE and the CME Family.  Major Blaise Laplante and Sergeant Gaétan Bouchard are both featured in the photos shown to the right.

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