Senior Appointments

Publication Date 
20 Mar 2019

The Branch Adjutant has informed of the following:

  • LIEUTENANT-COLONEL D.R. HENLEY will be promoted Colonel and appointed Director Air Personnel Management, in Ottawa, replacing Colonel A.T. Spott.
  • COLONEL J.S. O’KEEFE will be appointed Canadian Defence Attaché Jamaica, in Kingston.
  • COLONEL M. GROS-JEAN will proceed to the Advanced Training List to attend the Developmental Phase Four Programme, at Canadian Forces College, in Toronto
  • COLONEL J.P. LEVASSEUR will be appointed Senior Liaison Officer, United States European Command, in Stuttgart, Germany, replacing Colonel W.R. Foster
  • COLONEL Y. MICHAUD will be appointed Special Advisor, Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command, in Ottawa, replacing Colonel A.P. Mulawyshyn
  • COLONEL J.J.L.N. PILON will be appointed Director Current Operations, Strategic Joint Staff, in Ottawa, replacing Colonel S.G Graham
  • COLONEL M.W.J. RANCOURT will be appointed Commander Canadian Forces Real Property Operations Group, at ADM IE, in Ottawa, replacing Colonel M. Gros-Jean
  • COLONEL E.M. VANDENBERG will be appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Support, Canadian Joint Operations Command, in Ottawa, replacing Colonel M.W.J. Rancourt

The CMEA wishes each of these officers the very best in their new endeavours.