CMEA Supports CFB Chilliwack Historical Society Photo Archives

Publication Date 
04 May 2018


By Ken Holmes, CMEA History and Heritage

The Spring Meeting of the CMEA National Executive Meeting approved an annual donation of $200 to support Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society’s (CFBCHS) operation of its online photograph archive.  The CFBCHS has been very generous in helping CMEA illustrate our website and maintain the high quality of Last Post articles. Their archived photos have also assisted the CME Historian to respond to questions on the History and Heritage of the Canadian Military Engineers.

The CFBCHS  is a Not-for-Profit group that has existed for almost 20 Years.  Their website at tells their story.   CFBCHS gathers, maintains, and displays archives to help relive and remember the proud history of the first "Home of the Royal Canadian Engineers” (later the “Home of the Canadian Military Engineers") in Chilliwack, BC. In addition to operating a museum and conducting Public Education programs, CFBCHS has undertaken significant projects such as the refurbishing of the All Sappers’ Cenotaph and Sapper Park, restoration of the Saluting Base and development of the Heritage Trail in the Garrison Crossing housing development. See: . Their work is funded solely through a small membership fee and voluntary pledges/contributions.  In their good works, CFBCHS often works closely with the Retired Sappers Association.

The CFBCHS archives comprise some 20,000 records and include almost as many photographs as the CME Museum. These archives are available online at: The annual donation of $200 recognizes the great and continuing support that CFBCHS gives in helping to preserve the history and heritage of the Canadian Military Engineers.