MWO Mario Lafrenière, CD

    • MWO Mario Lafrenière, CD

    MWO Mario Lafrenière will be retiring on June 16th 2015 after 27+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces.

    MWO Mario Lafrenière enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in Trois Rivières, QC, in September 1985, under the YTEP program as a Marine Engineer and attended basic training, in St-Jean, QC, followed by the language school. He proceeded to CFB Halifax and after completing his Marine Engineer course on May 86, he was than offered to sign a contract to stay with the CAF. While practicing surfing on the shore of Peggy’s Cove, he came to a conclusion he wasn’t ready to join the Navy yet. MWO Lafrenière re-enrolled in 1989, where he was offered the Firefighter trade and, on completion of training in Sept 89, he was posted a second time to the Maritimes, this time at CFB Shearwater. It was coincidentally on his honeymoon as newlyweds with his wife, France. After looking over to the Halifax side for 5 years, he decided it was time to cross the McDonald bridge in 1994, where he was posted to HMCS Montreal. After sailing the great sea of the Atlantic coast for 3 years, he was posted to 3 Wing Bagotville, in 1997. In 2000, Mario accepted a deployment to Bosnia on Op Palladium Rotation 6. In 2001, Mario and his family were posted to CFFCA as an instructor and in 2003 promoted to the rank of MCpl.

    After missing the sound of the crashing waves and the smell of the ocean for more than 8 years, Mario was posted in 2005, once again to the East coast as the Senior Fire Fighter on board HMCS Toronto, in Halifax. Upon completion of surfing the waves for another 3 years, he was once again posted back to 3 Wing Bagotville. Promoted to the rank of WO in 2009, Mario and his family were once again posted to CFFCA, but this time as Standard’s WO. Having a knack with electronics, Mario became known for his exceptional computer software knowledge but, even more so, for having tolerance and a calming demeanour with everyone he worked with. Due to his patience and serene outlook, Mario was a driving force towards the successful re-instatement of the IFSAC seals. Promoted to the rank of MWO in 2013, Mario was transferred to 4 Construction Engineering Squadron in Cold-Lake, AB and a year later, returned as the SWO for the CFFCA Fire Training Sqn.

    With much consideration, Mario has decided to pursue a second career as Standards, within the Fire Training Division, in Dubai, in which France will join Mario shortly after. A Depart with Dignity retirement function will be held in his honour on Friday April 10th, from 1230 hrs to 1430 hrs, at the Juno Beach Mess (Sgt’s and WO’s Mess), CFB Borden. For attendance or notes of congratulations/anecdotes, please send them to Pierre Blackburn via email (; FAX to (705) 423-2351 or snail mail to:

    CFB Borden, PO BOX Stn Main 1000,
    Borden, ON, L0M 1C0
    Attention: Pierre Blackburn
    CFFCA A-256