LCol Miguel Pelletier, CD

    LCol Miguel Pelletier will be retiring from the CF on 11 Feb 08 after completing 26 plus years of loyal and dedicated service, with the Canadian Military Engineers.

    LCol Pelletier joined the Canadian Forces in 1981 in Toronto. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston twice for a Bachelor's and a Master's of Civil Engineering. He was posted to CFB Calgary as CE Utilities Officer and Production Officer; 4 CER as a Troop Commander and Regimental Intelligence Officer; CFB Lahr CE as Planning Officer, Engineering Officer, Requirements Officer and Closure Engineering Officer (to close the base) ; 1 Construction Engineering Unit in Moncton as a Geotechnical Specialist, Project Officer and Operations Officer; LFCA HQ in Toronto as SO2 Engr Ops and SO2 Realty Assets; CFB Shilo as the Base Engineer (BCEO); and finally LFCA HQ as the Area Engineer. He has done two tours in Bosnia as 2IC Works and Design Company in Sarajevo and as OC Works and Design Company. He deployed to Afghanistan on two tours as Task Force Afghanistan Engineer in Kabul and as Chief Engineer Regional Command (South) in Kandahar.

    LCol Pelletier has taken a position as Ontario Region Manager for Engineering and Architecture for Public Works and Government Services Canada. He is still pondering remaining with the CF on Class A service in the reserves in the GTA.

    Congratulations msgs, anecdotes and war stories can be sent via e-mail to Maj Dave McQueen ( ) . Details of the event being planned to recognize LCol Pelletier's long career will be forthcoming.