More Published Stories of Our Sappers Buried in the Groesbeek Canadian Military Cemetery

Groesbeek Cemetery
Publication Date 
14 Jun 2022

The “Faces to Graves” project in the Netherlands has reported in their Spring 2022 Newsletter that it has now published about 550 life stories on their website. The newsletter includes a number of interesting ‘stories behind the stories.’ New life stories are being added every week and the group intends to eventually tell the stories of the more than 2300 Canadians who rest in Groesbeek. The newsletter is attached.

We continue to work on telling the stories of the 69 Sappers buried in the Groesbeek Canadian Military Cemetery. We have at least started work on about 70% of them and them are 16 published stories. Some examples of the Sapper Stories that have been published are: 

Nine more stories are awaiting publication, five are in their final draft and 13 are underway. The current status of the story writing project can be viewed in the attached PDF document F2G RCE Status 14 Jun 2022

To complete the project, we need help with some 28 untouched cases. This is a good project for someone who appreciates CME Military Heritage and enjoys doing research. Our Research and Writing Guide for Preparing a "Soldier’s Story"  is a good resource when writing a suitable story.

The individual Service Files and Unit War Diaries are the main references for doing the research on these soldiers and they are available online. Contact with a relative can often greatly add to the individual’s story. Someone with an interest in their unit’s history might seek to learn about a Sapper from their unit’s past and learn more of their unit’s Second World War heritage. If you have a son or daughter in high school, such research could be undertaken as part of the Lest We Forget project or as a stand-alone project that could provide an excellent educational opportunity.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this project. The attached list of the Sappers buried in Groesbeek can help you find a possible distant relative or help you identify a Unit or Hometown if that is the area of your interest. We can assist with such research with material that we have assembled on a number of these soldiers.

If you are interested in contributing to this research project, contact the CME Historian.