Update! 1000 Volunteers Needed for Afghan Partners

Publication Date 
21 Jul 2021

31 July 2021:

Dear Conference of Defence Associations community, I'm happy to report that over 500 Canadians have offered to volunteer. so far. In the map below, you'll see they hail from every single province and the the territories too. Meanwhile, we've begun coordinating with the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to determine how we might best leverage and utilize this pan-Canada show of support.

I wish to thank all of those among you who answered the call and shared it with friends, colleagues, and family. We've made excellent progress, but are still only halfway through the objective, so please keep up the great work and let's achieve the goal together. If your email browser doesn't show the link above, you can just visit our website cdainstitute.ca for all the details.

Thanks, Youri Cormier,

Executive Director

1000 Volunteers Needed















21 Jul 2021

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Conference of Defence Associations and the CDA Institute, I am writing to seek your support and assistance in helping to welcome and integrate Afghan refugees into our communities.

Last week, in a public statement, the CDA urged the government to move forward on plans to being those individuals who served as interpreters, translators, drivers, and fixers during Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. They are deemed to be in grave danger as western backed forces withdraw and the Taliban advances. They have been targeted and threatened.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino confirmed that they are considering this as a priority and have pledged to take rapid action. 

In support of the government’s initiative to bring these Afghan partners to Canada, we believe that members of the CAF and affiliates of the CDA can play a vital role in their success by helping to facilitate a smooth transition and effective integration into Canadian society. To achieve this goal, we are seeking 1,000 volunteers from coast to coast to coast who are willing to help these new Canadians on a voluntary basis. Tasks might include helping them with paper work to assisting them with a basic introduction to Canadian society, schools, shopping, etc., especially in the first months upon arriving

We hope that you can join us in this initiative by visiting this sign up page that includes further information: www.cdainstitute.ca/afghanrefugees (if the link has been stripped, please remove the space after // and copy paste the following one into your browser: http:// cdainstitute.ca/afghanrefugees) 

Thank you for considering this request,


LGen Guy Thibault (ret'd)

Chairman, CDA Institute