New Badge for Real Property Operations Group

New Badge for Real Property Operations Group
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15 Aug 2019
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A new badge for the Canadian Forces Real Property Operations Group (CFRPOG) has been approved.

The tower symbolizes strength and efficiency in architecture, engineering, planning, construction and technology, some of the Group’s main areas of activity.

The latticework in the background not only represents the infrastructure and networks built and maintained by the Group but also the highly specialized and diversified teams behind that work.

The blue and red colours are emblematic of the Canadian Military Engineers, whose work is fundamental within the Group and in support of the mission of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Enabling Operational Success


Submitted by CWO / Adjuc Roger Foucault, CD
Unit Chief Warrant Officer / Real Property Operations Unit (Atlantic)
Adjudant-chef d’unité / Unité des opérations immobilières (Atlantique)