MWO/Adjum Marty Francis, CD

    • MWO/Adjum Marty Francis, CD

    Après plus de 24 ans de services loyaux et dévoués aux forces armées canadiennes (CAF) et au service d'incendie de la défense nationale (ACNP), l'Adjum Marty Francis, CD prendra sa retraite le 24 juin 2018.  Le 22 juin 2018 au 19 gt FD, Comox BC, un déjeuner-causerie informel au service des incendies (FD) aura lieu au lieu d'une départ avec dignité (DWD).  Les participants sont priés d'aviser le BPR de leur participation prévue NLT 20 juin 2018.  Des anecdotes ou des souhaits de retraite peuvent être envoyés au BPR par courriel.  BRP: le MWO Ryan Lynch, courriel ou par téléphoné au 250-702-7828.

    MWO Francis joined the CF in March of 1994 in Corner Brook NFLD and was immediately shipped off to CFB Cornwallis for basic training. Upon completion of basic trg, it was off to CFB Wainwright to attend the PPCLI Battle School followed by a posting to 2 PPCLI in Winnipeg. He remained with 2 PPCLI where he completed 2 tours to Bosnia and various international training exercises in places such as the swamps of Louisiana to the Mojave Desert until 2001 when he transferred to the Fire Trade. Upon completion of his QL3 in Borden it was back to Winnipeg but this time to the Air Force world of 17 Wing. In the summer of 2006, he was promoted to MCpl and posted to HMCS Fredericton on Canada’s east coast. During his time there sailed on numerous trips ranging from the coast of NFLD to the coast of South America and deployed to Afghanistan where he was the Camp Fire Chief in Camp Nathan Smith. Upon return from Afghanistan in 2009, he was promoted to Sgt and posted to HMCS Montreal as the Senior Firefighter and later posted to HMCS Iroquois in the same capacity. In July of 2010 Sgt Francis was posted to 12 Wing Shearwater where he was employed as a Platoon Chief. 2013 would bring a promotion to WO and a posting to 19 Wing Comox and subsequent promotion to MWO. MWO Francis will be retiring from the CF on June 14th and will remain in the Comox area where he will dedicate his time to raising his son Cayden and enjoying what Vancouver Island has to offer.