MWO/Adjum D.L. Spence, MSC, CD

    Après plus que 27 ans de service loyal et dévoué aux Forces armées canadiennes et aux Génies militaires canadiens, l’Adjum Darrell Spence, CSM, CD, a pris sa retraite le 02 mars 2021. Les messages de félicitations et les de meilleurs vœux peuvent être envoyés à l’Adjum G.T. Gombert à

    MWO Spence enrolled in B Company, the 2nd Battalion, The Nova Scotia Highlanders in 1993. He transferred to the Regular Force in 1995 as a Combat Engineer and completed QL3 in Chilliwack, BC. He was posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment in Mar 1996.

    Throughout his career, MWO Spence held a wide variety of positions and postings, including every possible position at 2 CER: Field Section member in 1 and 2 Troop, 23 SQMS, Armoured Engineer Troop, and Regimental Transport and Resource Troop. Promoted to MCpl in 2003, he was posted to CFSME in Gagetown where he was employed as a Combat Training and Mine Warfare Instructor.

    From 2007 to 2013, MWO Spence returned to 2 CER and was employed as 23 Fd Sqn Ops Sgt, 4 Tp Recce Sgt, 28 Admin Sqn Ops WO, 4 Tp WO, 24 SQMS, and Regt Trg WO. In 2013, he was posted to 4 CDSB Engineer Services Squadron and employed as the Range Training Area Development Officer. After a promotion to MWO in 2014, he returned to 2 CER and was employed as SSM of 23 Fd Sqn, 25 Sp Sqn, and 28 Admin Sqn. He also spent two years as DSM and A/RSM. In 2019, MWO Spence was posted to CFB Kingston PSTC as the A Sqn SM and A/RSM. Most recently, he was a student on second language training.

    MWO Spence has deployed to Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Latvia. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross in 2009 for actions in Afghanistan.

    Darrell has transitioned to the Public Service within DND, accepting a position with 4 CDSB Range Control as a Direct Fire Targeting Technician. He is married to Virginia, has two children, Dylan and Jillian, and will remain in the Deep River area