MWO Steve Russell, CD

    It is my pleasure to announce the retirement of MWO Steve Russell. Steve will be taking off the uniform on 19 May 2009, following 25 plus years of dedicated and loyal service to the Engineer Branch.

    The son of an RCMP Officer, Steve grew up in the Atlantic Provinces and joined the Canadian Forces on 22 October, 1983 as a Y-TEP Plumber/Gas fitter. His first posting was to North Bay ON. While in North Bay, Steve was married to his wife Eva in 1985, was promoted to Cpl and completed his first tour to the Golan Heights. After seven years in North Bay Steve was posted to Cold Lake AB. He was promoted to MCpl in 1992 and was posted back to the east coast at Debert NS in 1993. He spent three years in Debert and moved down the road to Halifax in 1996. Steve was promoted to Sgt December 1998 and was posted to 4 ACT, 4 ESR as a Section Commander in June 1999, where he immediately assumed the Tp WO position. While in 4 ESR, Steve completed a three month TAV in Bosnia at TSG with 1 ESU.

    After one year in 4 ESR, Steve was posted across base Gagetown to CFSME. He filled numerous roles during his four years at the school such as Ops Sgt, CAE Instructor and CAE SSM. In 2004 Steve was promoted to his current rank of MWO and posted to Det Dundurn as the Det CEO. This was one of Steve’s most gratifying jobs throughout his career. During this posting, he completed a six month tour in Alert in 2006. Upon return from Alert, Steve was once again posted back to Halifax. After only one year in this location, Steve was posted to his current location of 1 ESU where he filled the position of HQ Sqn SSM and Trg MWO.

    Steve is now releasing from the Canadian Forces and moving back to Bathurst to be with his spouse, Eva and his two children Justin and Jennifer after being on imposed restriction for a total of nine years. He plans on starting a second career in conducting energy efficiency evaluations on new and existing homes.

    There will be a gathering held in Steve’s honour at the All Ranks Moncton Mess on the 8th of May 2009. Timing will be 11:30 for 12:00 hrs. Luncheon will be buffet style; cost per person TBD. Anyone wishing to attend can RSVP no later than 1 May 2009. Please forward any Emails or anecdotes to CWO Ray McEachern at 1 ESU.