MWO Aubrey MacLeod, CD

    MWO Aubrey MacLeod was born in Reserve Mines, Cape Breton Nova Scotia in April of 1966. He was recruited in Halifax and began basic training in Cornwallis on 6 Nov 1985. After Basic training Pte MacLeod headed out to the sun and sand of CFB Shilo’s RCA Battle School, where he learned that it really is possible to get frost-bite and sunburn all in the same day. After completion of Battle School it was off to 119 Air Defence Battery in Chatham NB for the next seven years. On New Years Eve1990 Aubrey met his wife Donna while on a ski trip to Maine. The couple was married three months later.

    Sticking to his plan to get a trade, MBDR MacLeod remustered to Electrician in January of 1993, taking his QL3 in Chilliwack BC. Upon completion of his QL3, Cpl MacLeod and family was posted to Kingston Ontario in what would turn into a six year stint. During This time Cpl MacLeod would top his QL5, and complete a tour of the dark frozen North (Alert) in 1998 – 1999.

    While in Alert Cpl MacLeod received his posting message for 4 ESR Gagetown, leaving Donna to sell the house and get ready to move. Mcpl MacLeod would spend the next two years in 4 ESR, deploying to Bosnia in 2000. Upon promotion in 2002 Sgt MacLeod was posted to CFSME.

    While at CFSME Sgt MacLeod would hold positions as CETS Training Coordinator, CAE instructor, and ED Cell Commander. Upon promotion to WO it was off to 3 ASG Engineer Branch as the Deputy Utilities Officer, where he would have to learn to speak a whole new language. Fortunately, the WFE world isn’t as complicated as they try to make it sound, so he adapted quickly. After a year and a half as the D Utilo O, WO MacLeod had to step into the Util O position for the next year.

    In November 2007 WO MacLeod would return to CFSME as the ED Standards Rep, but this would be a short stay as he would be promoted and posted to 1 ESU Moncton the following summer, taking the 4 SET MWO position. After a short stint with 4 SET, MWO MacLeod was appointed to the 11 Squadron Seargent Major’s position where he has barely had time enough to mess up the office before retirement.

    Aubrey and Donna became involved in foster parenting in 2004 and in January 05 accepted care of a three month old baby boy, who would have them wrapped around his little finger in no time. Fortunately for the MacLeod’s, baby Cody would become eligible for adoption, and in 2007 became a permanent member of the MacLeod family.

    Aubrey has accepted a position with CE in Gagetown, where he will be able to re-join his family, and get to work on a long “honey-do….or else” list.

    There will be a gathering held in Aubrey’s honour at the All Ranks Moncton Mess on the 8th of May 2009. Timing will be 11:30 for 12:00 hrs. Luncheon will be buffet style; cost will be $12.00 per person. Anyone wishing to attend can RSVP no later than 1 May 2009. Please send response for attendance and forward any E-mails or anecdotes to MWO Norm Tardif at 1 ESU.