MCpl/Cplc C.J. MacIsaac, CD

    • MCpl/Cplc C.J. MacIsaac, CD

    Après plus de 20 ans de services loyaux et dévoués au sein des Forces armées canadiennes et de la Branche du Génie militaire canadien, le Cplc Clayton MacIsaac, CD, a pris sa retraite le 13 octobre 2021. À la demande du membre, une cérémonie de départ dans la dignité aura lieu le 25 août 2022. Les anecdotes et les souhaits de retraite peuvent être envoyés au Sgt R.P.J. Ducolon à

    Hailing from Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Clayton joined the CAF in 2001 and completed Basic Training in St-Jean-surRichelieu. He was then sent to Wainwright, Alberta, for Battle School, after which he became a Patricia and was posted to the First Battalion of the PPCLI.

    Clayton deployed to Bosnia on Roto 11 in 2002. Upon returning to Canada in the summer of 2003, he deployed with Charlie Company to the wildfires in British Columbia. The following winter, he deployed again on a Sovereignty Operation (SOV OP) to Inuvik and Tuktoyuktuk.

    Clayton was promoted to Cpl in 2005 and was sent with the Battalion to the Urban Operations Combat Training Facility in Minnesota, USA. He deployed to Afghanistan with TF Orion, Charlie Coy, in February 2006. Once back in Canada, he completed another SOV OP to Kugluktuk, Nunavut.

    In 2007, MCpl MacIsaac was sent to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, USA, for special training with American Military Police and Military Engineers on the Unit Searcher Course.

    Clayton was promoted to MCpl in 2008 and was WSE to Sgt in 2009 for a deployment on TF-309 in Afghanistan. In 2012, he was posted to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu as an instructor for BMQ and BMOQ. In 2014, he completed an occupational transfer to ED Tech.

    After completing the ED Tech DP-1 at CFSME in Gagetown, New Brunswick, Clayton was posted back to Edmonton to complete OJT at RP Ops Det Edmonton. He returned to CFSME for the DP-2 course in March 2018. Clayton was posted to 1 CER CT where he finished his career in the CAF as the ED Sect Comd.

    Clayton has two children, Benjamin (4) and Isla (7).