Maj Kevin Montgomery, CD

    Exactly 34 years after joining 2 Fd Engr Regt (21 Oct 1977) in Toronto, Maj Kevin Montgomery (Monty) will attend his final release appointment from the Regular Force (21 Oct 2011).

    Originally from Southern Ontario, Major Montgomery joined 2 Fd Engr Regt, as a Sapper, on a dare from a high school friend. Little did he realise what an adventure it would lead to. After many courses and call-outs, the RSS MWO (Mac Torrie) told him that it was time he settle down and join the regular force. Two months later and a component transfer (19 Jan 82) found himself in the regular force and headed for 1 CER, Chilliwack.

    After four glorious years at the home of the Engineers, in 1 CER, and numerous positions from Section Member to Section Comd, then MCpl Montgomery was offered a year long French course in Winnipeg. So, posting season 1986, he packed up his wife and two girls that he had been issued in on arrival in Chilliwack and moved to Winnipeg.

    After a year of severe headaches and coming to the realisation that French wasn’t as easy to learn as he thought it would be the Army felt it was only fitting to post him to 5 RGC, Valcartier. He was promised that it would only be three years!

    July 1987, found Major Montgomery totally immersed in the French culture of Quebec, one of the most fascinating and enjoyable times of his career. During his stay he conned his way into a couple of CETEXs in Germany, as well as spent a full two months in Oka. Somehow or another he managed to sneak in a promotion to Sgt just before the three years were up.

    True to their word, he was posted back to Chilliwack, CFSME, in 1990. Unable to find a permanent position, he likes to think it was because he was need elsewhere, he moved from MWD to Standards to Training Development. He also had the pleasure of being course WO for a couple of Phase 2 courses.

    Maj Montgomery’s plans to retire in Chilliwack were dashed in 1996 when it was announced that the base would close. Coming to his rescue, he was once again posted to 1 CER, but this time in Edmonton. One of the first members to arrive, even before the building was ready, he stood by working out of a garage behind CE, preparing for his next position as NCO IC furniture. Once the rest of the Regt arrived he found himself as a Fd Tp Recce Sgt. It was in this capacity that he did his first tour to Bosnia (96/97) and got to ride around in the Momba. Near the end of the tour he was promoted to WO.

    In 1998, Major Montgomery was offered and accepted a commission. Through some fast talking to the CO he managed to stay with 1 CER, filling different roles from Regt Trg O to Sq 2I/C. It was as the Sq Ops O that he again went to Bosnia (2000).

    In 2002, then Capt Montgomery was posted to CE Edmonton as the Plan O. He found even then that if one waited long enough someone higher would quit and they would have to move him up, and he was soon the RO. After a tour to Afghanistan as RO for Camp Julian in 2004, he returned to find himself without portfolio. To fix this he was posted to Wainwright as the RO.

    In 2008, he was promoted to his current rank of Major and posted back to Edmonton as the AEngr’s 2 I/C. Two years later Major Montgomery took Command of Edmonton CE, his current position.

    Major Kevin Montgomery and his wife Karen, have two girls, Melissa and Amber. They also two grandchildren, Sarah 9 years, Rory 20 months, and Ari (Due in Nov). He has accepted employment with DCC and the family plans on remaining in Edmonton for the foreseeable future.