Ice Diving

Sapper Avila-Rivas gets ready for his first ice dive.
The divers of 5 CER: Capt Kilburn and Cpl Plourde; second row: Col Lafaut, Comd 5 CMBG; The Honourable Steven Blaney; BGen Giguère, Comd LFQA/JTF(E); standing: LCol Levasseur, CO 5 CER
Publication Date 
15 Mar 2012

by Sapper Avila-Rivas, 5 CER

In winter, a brigade deploys to engage in winter operations. The combat divers of 5 CER are no exception to the rule. The Lake Etchemin ice bridge was the ideal site for the team of specialists to practise ice diving.

Ice diving is not part of a combat diver’s basic training. It is thus up to the senior members of a regiment to instruct new team members in this particular operation. The usefulness of ice diving differs somewhat from that of conventional diving. Ice diving occurs when materiel is lost or vehicles must be recovered after falling beneath ice.

Despite the temperature of the water at 3°C, 5 CER’s team of divers enjoyed ice diving and practising this uncommon aspect of diving.