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Clearing the Way: Combat Engineers in Kandahar, cover
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06 Sep 2020

Battle of Op Medusa, Sept. 2-17th, 2006.

To honour the sacrifice of our soldiers and their ISAF allies I have decided to make "Clearing the Way" available for viewing at no charge beginning today, September 5th, for the duration of the battle until Sept. 17th.

This is a story that needs to be told.

I encourage supporters of CTW to share the link and help tell the story of the Canadian Engineers and Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

Below is the link with password for "Clearing the Way, Combat Engineers in Kandahar". With background information below.

Password: Medusa (good until Tuesday, September 17th.).


Length: 96 minutes (strong language & violence)

Featuring Col. Mark Gasparotto (Ret'd) of London, Ontario, Canada. Members serving with 23 Field Squadron in Afghanistan.

Based on the book by Col. Mark Gasparotto (Ret'd)

"Clearing the Way" is considered a classic study in the engineer experience of asymmetric warfare in Afghanistan. Considered by Canadian Engineers and other ISAF nations to be one of the most realistic documentaries of the Afghan war.

The film covers from August 06 to Feb.07. In particular, the Battle of Op Medusa, Sept. 2nd. to 17th., 2006.

98% of photos and footage in the field were shot by the soldiers themselves.

The footage of the Battle of OP Medusa in this film is historic. It is the first battle footage ever shot by Canadian soldiers of Canadian soldiers in Combat.

A copy of the book and DVD were gifted in June 2018, to Queen Elizabeth II during an audience at Buckingham Palace with the Commandant of Engineers, BGen. Steve Irwin (Ret'd).

In October 2017, "Clearing the Way" won the Audience Choice Award after it's world Premiere at the Forest City Film Festival, London, Ontario. In August, 2018, it was the opening film of the Regina International Film Festival.

In November 2018, CTW made it's American debut to a full house of US veterans at the Branson MO Military Film Festival, Branson MO.

Since then, copies of "Clearing the Way", have become part of the libraries of not only Canadian Forces Engineer Schools, but the Australian and New Zealand engineer schools as well.

Please be advised there is strong language and violence. If home viewing, would not recommended anyone under the age of 14 being present.

Finally, the film is 96 minutes. If people want to take a break, we suggest to do so at the 58 min. mark. There is a natural break between the events of the Sept. 3rd assault on the White School, and the morning of Sept. 4th. Friendly Fire incident.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again, for your support. This film was made possible through the donations and support of the Canadian Engineers, their families & friends.

NOTE TO DONORS: GO-FUND-ME PAGE: In light of this offer, we have contacted donors for the last month to offer a refund of their donation. That said, the purpose of the Go-Fund-Me campaign was to pay down the debt from making the film. We won't say "no" if you decide to let your donation stand. If you watch CTW and wish to donate to support the film, we won't say "no" either. All funds go toward administration and paying down the debt from making the film.

Be safe and be well. God bless our veterans and the men and women serving in the Canadian Forces.

Cheers, Paul

Paul C. Culliton


Clearing the Way, Combat Engineers in Kandahar



In recognition of Op MEDUSA, which was underway 14 years ago, Paul Culliton, the producer of the film Clearing the Way: Combat Engineers in Kandahar, is making it available to view for free for the duration of the battle until Sep 17.

Please feel free to use the following link to the film and the temporary password is “Medusa”