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29 Oct 2019
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The Comox Chapter has been pretty quiet for the last couple of years but under the leadership of our new President, Capt Emilie Aumont, things are picking up. Capt ​Aumont gathered the flock for coffee, donuts and an information session for the CFB Comox Engineer community on 24 Oct.  Her presentation  touched on what the CMEA is all about, what we have been up to, and what our chapter has planned for the next year or so.  Top of the list was supporting a memorial plaque commemorating fallen comrades from the region (to be added to a local war memorial); supporting wing sporting events and helping an engineer in need from 32 CER.  We also approved a budget and are looking forward to doing some fund raising to fill our coffers a little over the next year.  All in all the coffee break was a great success and we hope to have more good news in the coming months. CHIMO!