6 ES Embarks on History Project

Publication Date 
12 Oct 2021

6 ES History Book Banner

It has long been a wish of 6 Engineer Squadron and its predecessors to publish a history book. There was a book published in the 50’s that told the story of the unit’s participation in World War II and it also very briefly covered the years 1912 to 1939.

In 1989 the Commanding Officer at the time, Col Bill White, suggested in the unit Newsletter that the whole of the unit’s history should be told and solicited writers to come forward --  several answered the call. Fast forward to the present and we are able to announce some results.

Over the years many people and many committees have met, deliberated and contributed but the end goal was always elusive – until now. Although many people have, at one time or another, made significant contributions it has been one person who has persevered the most and the longest.

LCol (Ret’d) Vince Larocque has painstakingly done the research and gathered voluminous reference material. In addition, he has produced drafts of many of the chapters that are required to tell the story from 1911 through to 2010.

Rather than wait for all the chapters to be completed and also to avoid the long process of formatting and preparation for printing, Vince and the Museum are taking a different approach:

We will publish installments on the internet!

We are starting with one completed chapter, two “beta” chapters and two Annexes. Additional installments will be added as they are finalized. We eventually hope to be able to offer a printed book but in the meantime it is our hope that you will enjoy the history as it unfolds on the website.

Although this is a history of 6 ES, we will be working on a history beyond 2010 which will describe 39 Combat Engineer Regiment and include the roots of 44 ES and 54 ES.

View the book:   HERE